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The containment procedures and description for SCP-4029 are currently being modified in light of recent developments. A revised version will be uploaded to the database once investigations are complete. For more information, see Addendum 12-06-1998.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-4029

Object Class: Keter


Aswan, Egypt. SCP-4029 was located to the left of the salmon building (right).

Special Containment Procedures: A unit of MTF Upsilon-Peorð ("Slings and Arrows")1 is to guide SCP-4029 away from population centres using a combination of blunt non-penetrative force, loud noise (between 130 and 140 decibels), bright strobing lights, and various other forms of stimuli irritants. An antimemetic barrier is to be erected around SCP-4029 whenever it enters a dormant phase (see description). A method of rendering SCP-4029 immobile is currently being researched.

Description: SCP-4029 is a large office block, formerly the regional headquarters of █████ Industrial, capable of locomotion by means of ten mechanical segmented limbs2, two of which terminate in claws. SCP-4029 displays signs of low-level sentience, showing self-preservation instincts and responding to external stimuli. SCP-4029 is entirely watertight, accessible only by a single airlock in place of the front entrance. The structure's interior is filled with a transparent nutrient-rich fluid3. The entrance is only accessible during times in which SCP-4029 is dormant or immobile, at which point SCP-4029 will dig its limbs into the ground until the front entrance is ground level and its limbs are hidden.

The interior of SCP-4029 remains largely unchanged from its original layout, with the following notable exceptions:

  • The refitting of the air conditioning system to extract waste products from the aforementioned fluid, and to replenish supplies of fluid.
  • The waterproofing of many (but not all) electrical installments, such as lights and cameras.
  • A large hollow space at the centre of the fourth and fifth storeys (see Exploration Log 4029-1 for more information).
  • A tightly-packed layout of workstations, each containing a small metal desk and standard office chair (both fixed securely to the floor), and a 1970s-era microcomputer of unknown brand with bundles of wires leading from the back to large ports in the floor, ceiling, and walls. ~98% of these workstations are occupied by human subjects, supplied with oxygen by means of clear plastic tubes inserted into the back of the neck. The majority of subjects (designated SCP-4029-1) appear to be former employees of █████ Industrial, although other, unidentified instances have also been observed.

SCP-4029-1 instances will perform basic calculations (addition, subtraction, incrementation etc.) at their work stations from 09:00 to 17:00, Mondays to Fridays (excluding national holidays). SCP-4029 is entirely dormant and unresponsive during periods in which SCP-4029-1 are not active, suggesting the intelligence of the entity may be an emergent property of the network.

Below is a timeline of SCP-4029's manifestation:

Date Event
9/29/1929 █████ Industrial declares bankruptcy.
9/30/1979 An image of an office building previously owned by █████ Industrial noticeably leaning into a neighbouring building appears in a newspaper in the city of Aswan, Egypt.
10/3/1979 SCP-4029 unearths itself at approximately noon, causing considerable property damage and causing over 200 injuries and 100 deaths in a 20 minute period. The SCP Foundation was unable to become involved before the Egyptian military responded and set up a perimeter, but was able to erect an antimemetic barrier that prevented the knowledge of SCP-4029's existence escaping the city as a temporary containment measure.
10/4/1979 The Foundation collaborated with already onsite Egyptian military to force SCP-4029 out of the city and into an area of uninhabited desert. By 11:00, SCP-4029 had been successfully routed from Aswan. A meeting is called by Site-29 to discuss containment of SCP-4029 (URA-2979 at the time), and the R&C team is divided into two groups; one to run an amnesticization and disinformation campaign in and around Aswan and one to contain SCP-4029 itself.
10/5/1979 An inactive unit of MTF Upsilon-Peorð is assigned the duty of continuously guiding SCP-4029 into remote areas of the Saharan desert. Containment Procedures are formalised, and the amnesticization campaign begins shortly thereafter.
10/10/1979 While SCP-4029 remains uncontained, dormant periods and its predictable nature render it manageable. Once knowledge of SCP-4029's existence is purged from the civilian population, SCP-4029 is declared a contained anomaly, and given its current designation. SCP-4029's containment remains indefinitely delicate, and containment revisions are expected as ideas arrive.

It is unknown how SCP-4029 remained unexplored and uninhabited in the time since █████ Industrial's bankruptcy. SCP-4029 is not currently believed to possess memetic or antimemetic properties; however, it is suspected that some such property existed between 9/29/1929 and 10/3/1979. The theory that █████ Industrial itself may possess self-inhibiting informational qualities is under investigation, but no evidence has yet been found to support the hypothesis.

Addendum 01-29-1980 | Exploration Log 4029-001:

Opening Statement: Drone explorations ceased to reveal information on 1/1/1980. SCP-4029-1 instances, presumably4, sought out and damaged drones before expelling them through the airlock. Along with this, several drones were lost within SCP-4029 after sudden loss of communication. A task force was provisioned to carry out a manned exploration of SCP-4029.

A research team monitored footage and recorded from within a temporary Site-4029 (no permanent Sites are able to be erected for SCP-4029 research due to its mobility) as a precaution in case recording equipment was lost.

Exploration Crew: Provisional Task Force Duplic-4 ("Inner Workings"), consisting of:

  • Agent Jessica Waters; Former commander for MTF Zeta-9 and member of MTF Alpha-5, field experience directing teams in anomalous explorations.
  • Agent Langdon Farmer; Navigator for MTF Zeta-9, field experience navigating anomalous locations.
  • Agent John Scholz; Former member of MTF Gamma-6, experienced at navigating flooded or otherwise fluid-filled areas.
  • Dr. Leslie Harrington; Biochemist and paramaterial researcher.
  • D-004590, former oceanic photographer incarcerated for three counts of murder. Mute.
  • Agent Four-B-Mortise; Defector from the Church of the Broken God, receiving Foundation asylum under the condition of participating in field work. Selected here due to not requiring oxygen, and being immune to most toxic environments.
  • Agent Vincent LaFerrier; Experienced agent having partaken in several fatal missions in multiple Task Forces. No relation.

Documents recovered from relevant areas in logs are included following respective logs. They were discovered after the following excursion. They are the only paper documents recovered to date, and some are partially legible despite water damage (represented in part by "[…]" to aid transcription).

Five of the seven members of the Task Force were found naked and unconscious within the airlock of SCP-4029 during its next Saturday dormant period. No equipment from the exploration has since been recovered. Farmer and Waters both showed mottled skin discolouration, and Farmer had developed permanent blindness in their left eye. Mortise displayed oxidation inconsistent with their chemical makeup and length of time spent within SCP-4029, and was missing their left arm and several segments of their abdomen. Harrington went into fatal cardiac arrest shortly after recovery — the cause of death was determined to be a large number of standard office staples present in all major arteries. Scholz was found unharmed. Agent LaFerrier was not recovered, and is pending reassignment under the supervision of Dr. Hillenburg. D-004950 is presumed to have remained inside the building.

Addendum 12-06-1998 | Degradation of SCP-4029:
After an abnormally long dormant period (a week), the building composing the upper portion of SCP-4029 collapsed due to accumulated weather damage. The interior had apparently been stripped of all valuable or complex components, and drained of fluid. As well as 28 cadavers, one living female SCP-4029-1 instance was recovered from the wreckage. Due to psychological damage, the subject has yielded no useful information. However, they were found carrying the following letter:

  • Document 4029-14:


█████ Industrial is no longer. You're working for a ghost. You can't see it from where you are, but nobody even remembers our name anymore. I wanted it that way. In fact, no one really remembers me, either.

But you can leave your meaningless job. Your meaningless life. Existence. We know how hard it must be for you. The daily rat-race. The never-ending grind. The terrible monotony. Working nine to five in an awful stupid job just to pay for stupid boring things you don't even need. Unable to fulfill that aching void inside you that yearns to be part of something more. Well yearn no longer. You've been noticed.

I know you might be scared. I know you might be worried. I'm here to tell you there's no need to worry. You might feel it already. I'm disgusted I had to stoop down to this level, anyways. But there's no need to worry. I'm going to begin speaking to you in a language you understand. A language you might not have ever known you spoke. A language beyond language, a perfect fit for people beyond people.

Welcome to upper management.


In addition to these developments, the mechanical lower portion of the entity was entirely missing, with signs of geological disturbance towards the east. Keter classification has been restored, and research is ongoing.

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