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Wind turbines near Provisional Site-4028.

Item #: SCP-4028

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has purchased the property affected by SCP-4028 through a shell company and designated it as Provisional Site-4028. Two Foundation personnel are to remain on-site at all times to perform daily maintenance on wind turbines located on the property. Damaged turbines are to be repaired immediately.

If required, Foundation personnel are to provide a cover story explaining the damage as an ongoing prank carried out by local residents.

Description: SCP-4028 is a recurring phenomenon localized to a patch of land (approx. 3 square kilometers in area) within the region of La Mancha (a fertile but arid plateau located in central Spain). Windmills and wind turbines built in its area of effect will periodically malfunction after being assaulted by two undetectable assailants. Attempts to either stop or interfere with the phenomenon have, thus far, proven futile.

The cause or motivation behind this phenomenon remains uncertain.1

"¡Non fuyades, cobardes y viles criaturas, que son dos caballeros los que os acometen!"

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