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Item #: SCP-4026

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: No containment procedures are necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-4026 is a phenomenon affecting an estimated 100 meter stretch of land of the Beachy Head chalk headland in East Sussex, England. In order to activate an SCP-4026 event, a single subject must approach an affected area with suicidal intent. Upon coming within 5 meters of the cliff's edge, SCP-4026-1 will manifest and engage the subject.

SCP-4026-1 resembles a humanoid of indeterminate age and sex, which possesses minor cognitohazardous properties. Attempts to capture or describe any aspect of SCP-4026-1 (aside from its voice) have thus far resulted in failure. Survivors of SCP-4026 events claim to have no memory of interacting with SCP-4026-1, but are able to recall being dissuaded from ending their lives via unexplained means, typically citing an overabundance of negative emotion and disgust at their actions. SCP-4026-1 will demanifest when its target is no longer within 5 meters of it.

93% of recorded SCP-4026 events result in the activating subject's survival.

Addendum 4026.01: On 07/07/2019, one Elliot Schneider (Male, Age 32) approached a hidden SCP-4026 observation area and triggered the anomaly. Notably, this was the first instance in which an SCP-4026 event lasted longer than five minutes. Below is a transcribed log of Schneider's interaction with SCP-4026-1.


SCP-4026-1: Lovely view, isn't it?

Schneider: Bloody hell, where did you come from?

SCP-4026-1: I'm always round these parts. It's good fun, it is.

Schneider: Yeah right.

SCP-4026-1: You thinking of jumping? That's why most people come here, you know.

Schneider: So what, are you out here playing guardian angel? I appreciate the gesture but really, I uh, I'd rather not get into it. Just please leave.

SCP-4026-1: Oh no, I'd rather stay. Have a chit-chat. What do you say?

Schneider: No. Why do you care so much?

SCP-4026-1: Don't worry about it. You married?

Schneider: No, not since last February.

SCP-4026-1: Any kids? Did she take them?

Schneider: Yeah, full custody. Took the dog, too.

SCP-4026-1: Wow. Even the dog. Sounds like she really did a number on you.

Schneider: Jesus mate. Are you trying to get me to fucking jump?

SCP-4026-1: Why, yes. It's why I'm here.

Schneider: Holy shit.

SCP-4026-1: It's quite a lovely show, and it's a shame no one else is around to see it.

Schneider: … this is how you get your kicks, you sick fuck?

SCP-4026-1: Are you planning on putting on a show or not?

[There is a silence for thirty seconds. Schneider's breathing becomes labored before vocalizing in frustration.]

SCP-4026-1: Well?

Schneider: I made up my mind.

SCP-4026-1: Oh? Will you do it?

Schneider: Only if you answer a question for me first.

SCP-4026-1: I typically would refuse, but… you look promising. Go for it.

Schneider: Why do you like watching people jump off?

SCP-4026-1: No reason. It beats doing nothing.

Schneider: Really? You just like watching people jump off these cliffs? Simple as that?

SCP-4026-1: Were you expecting some great, complicated answer? It really doesn't get any more complicated than that. Now go on then, I've waited long enough.

Schneider: Fuck you.

SCP-4026-1: Yes, yes fuck me and all that now g-

[There are sounds of a scuffle between the two for fifteen seconds until only Schneider's labored breathing is audible. SCP-4026-1 screams.]

[There is a distant thud followed by silence, interrupted only by Schneider's breathing.]

Schneider: … shit… shit! The police are going to fuckin' kill me!


Foundation agents moved in to seize Schneider and search for SCP-4026-1. Despite the sound of an object impacting against the beach under the cliffside and Schneider's insinuations, no remains were found. No further SCP-4026 events have occurred since and is considered Neutralized.

Following these events, Schneider was assigned a psychiatrist and therapist in London after standard relocation amnestic treatment.

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