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The following file is Level 5/4023 classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.


Item #: SCP-4023

Object Class: [Pending]

Special Containment Procedures: [Pending]

Description: Dr. Ike and his team are currently conducting an investigation into the nature of SCP-4023, which as of right now consists of multiple seemingly unrelated elements.

SCP-4023 is a collection of anomalous objects, events and entities, which is currently undergoing an investigation from Dr. Ike. Documents related to this investigation are further described below.

FROM: Dr. Ike

TO: Dr. Nakayama

So far the investigation is inconclusive. I have no idea what to think about this other than it being a bunch of anomalies referencing number 23 for no obvious reason could you maybe get here and help me? Look I really hate to beg but you are an expert numerologist and we have known each other for a while. Please?

What is it about?

None of it makes sense, why is it even classified as one anomaly?

Maybe because of the number?

Okay, the last one seems promising. But no one wanted to fill me in on details.

Maybe they aren't important.

What is so special about this one number?

Why don't you ask the O5s?

Oh, I am about to. This whole thing stinks, if I wasn't a part of it I would pass this job to someone else.

How did it go?

I didn't get much, they had to comply with the investigation because the Skip is a mess and someone has to do something about it but they are just as secretive about it as always.

So what did they tell you?

I got some explanation on the keys but not much, one of them told me where to go looking next though. The rest didn't like it but I am heading to Site-[REDACTED] now.

Oh no, not Site-[REDACTED]

It's not funny, you know the computer redacts things, not me.

Fair. Write me when you're done there.


I sent you the data.

But I want your opinion.

It didn't help anything, just made it more complicated.

What now?

I'll check more related items and inform you later, I even found another anomaly referencing the number 23. I have yet to see if it is related.

Okay. Just make sure you keep me updated.


Yes Mary, what is it?

You didn't respond to my last message.

Sorry, I guess I was lost on thoughts. The Cult I was talking about in the last message actually helped. Looks like there is something connecting all of these things, something almost lovecraftian. Only thing that I don't understand is why 23?

Hold on, do you actually think that the cultists worshiped some kind of eldritch monster with 23 eyes or something?

No. But there is definitely something behind all of this. Even behind me.

About that…

Yes, Mary?

You never really talk about your world. How was it?

I am still a Foundation researcher. Nothing is really that different.

Is it not? I read the report. You died.

All of us did. That was an integral part of the anomaly.

But why did you appear here?

Hey, I am the one supposed to be investigating this, remember?

Wasn't there another thing though?

Excuse me?

In the cell with you. You told me once, remember?

I went to the O5s again. I was pointed to another anomaly but the Council seemed angry. They really don't like me digging into it. I even tried mentioning the painting. It cannot be a coincidence. They didn't like it.

So where are you going next? I can help in person if you want, I only have one assignment right now and it can wait.

Hey, Ike! I was going through the files you sent me and suddenly someone knocked at the door and long story short, Dr. Mann is looking for you, said it's something about SCP-4023 and that he can tell only you. So yeah, I told him where to find you, hope you don't mind.

Thanks Mary. Sorry it took me so long to respond, the things Everett told me… Well, I think I am starting to understand the whole thing and I don't like it. I am afraid that our collaboration on this project must end. This is too big. I can still inform you about the progress if you want.

Crap. Well good luck with your lucky number, I guess I have the O5 council to thank for the gag order?

No actually, this is my decision…

Mary here, just wanted to know how is it going? Good? Bad? You don't have to tell me any details.

You. I was just about to call you, the situation has changed. A lot. I'll be needing that help in person you promised. I think I figured out the situation but I can't explain anything until you get here.

Is this a joke?

No, the O5s are helping me with the thing now, they even sent me a bunch of related stuff. Please just come down to my office and we can talk.

I have to ask. What exactly do you think is going to happen? It says right there that we have no idea how to contain the thing.

I talked to my team and we compiled all of the data. It is obvious.

Are you going to tell me?

Yeah, you should be getting the data now. We talked it through with the O5s and we agreed on Plan A. They didn't like Plan B but we managed to convince the majority.


I am working on it, give me time. Contacting a former Administrator is not an easy task.

Are you sure it will work?

We will have to wait and see. Thanks for all the help.


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