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This document has been heavily modified from its initial creation. All previous revisions, notes, and additions to the document have been preserved for clarity.
— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-4021

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4021-1 has been incinerated and its containment chamber is to be used for other projects in the future. Most of its ashes have been discarded, save for a small amount which is stored in an urn kept in Dr. Carter's office.1

Description: SCP-4021 is the designation given to both SCP-4021-1, which is the incinerated remains of a mandarin orange tree, and SCP-4021-2, which were sentient humanoid fruits that were previously produced periodically by SCP-4021-1.

Addendum SCP-4021-01: A series of 6 tests with SCP-4021-2 instances was held. All of these tests were proposed by the Project Head to learn of their reactions to various objects and animals.

Addendum SCP-4021-02: Changes in behavior of SCP-4021 have resulted in the requirement to consistently archive any further behavioral variations.

Addendum SCP-4021-03: On 08/17/15, the Project Head left a note on the document directed at the researchers assisting in containment of SCP-4021.

Addendum SCP-4021-04: Dr. Phid has been reported missing since 09/20/15. On 09/22/15, Foundation investigators recovered a hand-written note in his office. The note reads as follows:

You are all so fucking stupid.

Addendum SCP-4021-05: After an investigation on the SCP-4021 Project Head, "Alan Phid" was later found to be an alias he had adopted. Further efforts to gain insight into his background are ongoing.

Addendum SCP-4021-06: On 09/23/15, seeds from remaining fruit of SCP-4021-1 have been extracted. Possible revival of this SCP is currently being researched.

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