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This document has been heavily modified from its initial creation. All previous revisions, comments, notes, and additions to the document have been preserved for clarity. Keep this in mind while you read.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

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Clearance Level 1: Clearance
Containment Class: neutralized
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/{$disruption-class}
Risk Class: #/{$risk-class}

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4021-1 has been incinerated and its containment chamber is to be used for other projects in the future. Its ashes are stored in an urn1 kept in Dr. Carter's office.

Description: SCP-4021 is the incinerated remains of a mandarin orange tree, referred to as SCP-4021-1. SCP-4021-1 previously produced sentient humanoid fruits referred to as SCP-4021-2.

Addendum SCP-4021-01: A series of tests with SCP-4021-2 instances. all proposed by the Project Head, occurred to test their reactions to various objects.

Addendum SCP-4021-02: Changes in behavior of SCP-4021 have resulted in the requirement to take notes of any changes in behavior. These notes are overseen by the Project Head.

Addendum SCP-4021-03: On 08/17/15, Project Head left a note on the document directed at the researchers assisting in containment of SCP-4021.

Addendum SCP-4021-04: Project Head Alan Phid has been reported by several personnel to recently have shown disorderly behavior, and being increasingly aggressive to both Foundation personnel and remaining SCP-4021-2 instances. Dr. Phid was brought in for psychiatric screening,4 and is now being observed by on-site psychiatrists.

Addendum SCP-4021-05: On 09/20/15, SCP-4021 Project Head Alan Phid was found dead in his office after shooting himself in the head. A hand-written note by Alan Phid was also recovered.

"Alan Phid" was later found to be an alias he had adopted. Further research into his background is ongoing.

Addendum SCP-4021-06: On 9/23/15, seeds from remaining fruit of SCP-4021-1 have been extracted. Possible revival of this SCP is currently being researched.

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