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Item#: 4017
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Rusted armor retrieved from SCP-4017, placed in storage.

Special Containment Procedures (OUTDATED): No known method for predicting SCP-4017 appearances exists. Standard Foundation monitoring protocols, such as the developing WATCHDOG program under the Department of Analytics and Foundation implants in global police agencies, will report any anomalous activity matching SCP-4017 manifestation details. Depending on the nature of the manifestation, Foundation task forces trained in thaumaturgy may be dispatched to combat the entity and force demanifestation.

Once demanifestation occurs, witnesses will be administered amnestics. Any objects left by the entity will be brought to the nearest containment facility. As SCP-4017 appearances are uncommon, it is expected that the Foundation will rarely have direct encounters with the anomaly.

Revision 21/JUNE/2000: Following Incident 4017/λ-8, the construction of a containment chamber for SCP-4017 is in progress.

Revision 20/JULY/2000: SCP-4017 has been reclassified to neutralized. All objects left by SCP-4017 are stored at Armed Containment Area-40. Monitoring for SCP-4017 will continue, though it is considered low priority with a low likelihood of remanifestation. Reclassification will occur if a manifestation is detected. Research into the past activities of the entity will continue.

Description: SCP-4017 was a humanoid spectral entity with thaumaturgic capabilities, viewed as a cultural hero by members of the Church of the Second Hytoth1 and other adherents to the Church's religious practices.

Limited details on SCP-4017 exist. Information consistent between depictions of the entity are as follows:

  • SCP-4017's body was gray or black in appearance, with a degree of translucence. Two eyes were present, both of which glowed yellow. Some facial features, such as a mouth and nasal cavity openings, have been described on occasion. Ectoplasm comprised the majority of the body.
  • Armor superficially similar to plate armor, colored red with gold decorations, was worn by the entity. Decorations on the armor show four humanoid figures, each with a number of arms ranging from four to seven, a conical entity with six limbs, and Ortothan language symbols for "holy" and "eternal." Much of this armor appears to have been lost or severely damaged over time.
  • SCP-4017 wields a spear, designated SCP-4017-A, used as a means of channeling thaumic energy during attacks. SCP-4017-A is often described as being composed of gold, a red stone-like material, and meteoric iron. Many portions seem to be heavily eroded and broken.

Documents recovered from the Church of the Second Hytoth and other Ortothan sects claim that SCP-4017 was the ghost of a warrior from a prehistoric (c. 11000 BCE) predecessor to the Church, referred to as the Earthly Ortothan Kingdom or Worldly Ortothan Kingdom, depending on source. The entity was originally a warrior by the name of Onteus-One-Holy who fought against Daevites during the Century Conquest2, later dying while defending an unknown stronghold. SCP-4017 has since manifested to protect various Ortothan groups in times of need.

Of note is that, although SCP-4017 has been described as male in cases, its gender is predominately portrayed as being ambiguous. This is consistent with Ortothan culture views that place little importance in gender, stemming from the worship of deities and extraterrestrial entities that do not follow human gender concepts.

Most manifestations of SCP-4017 had occurred in the far past, prior to the formation of the Anomalous Containment Union3 at the 1885 Sicily Convention on the Preternatural, with the rate of manifestation presumed to be decreasing over time. As such, only one direct encounter with the Foundation is known to have occurred. Refer to the information on Incident 4017/λ-8 in Addendum.2 for further information.

Addendum.1: The following are documents related to SCP-4017. All are arranged based on the times of the events they detail.

Addendum.2: On 21/JUNE/2000, SCP-4017 was encountered by Mobile Task Force Lambda-8 ("Dynasty Interlopers")12 Team 2. The team was en route to Armed Containment Area-40, transporting Earthly Ortothan Kingdom artifacts, when their transport trucks were assaulted by the entity at 22:12. λ-8-T2 engaged and severely injured the entity with a thaumaturgic explosive, at which point it was transported to Area-40. λ-8-T2 suffered seven casualties and no deaths.

At 23:20, while in a provisional thaumaturgically sealed containment unit, SCP-4017's body began to experience large instabilities in its ectoplasmic structure, alongside other poorly understood anomalous effects. SCP-4017 requested an interview to be performed immediately.

Several minutes later SCP-4017 dispersed into a cloud of ectoplasm that rapidly accelerated upward and vanished, leaving behind SCP-4017-A and all armor. Based on the lack of aetheric signatures on SCP-4017-A and the entity's armor, it is presumed that all thaumaturgic properties of the artifacts were lost, as well as any thaumic connections to SCP-4017. This suggested that SCP-4017 expired instead of demanifesting.

SCP-4017 was reclassified to neutralized on 20/JULY/2000. The note written during Interview SCP-4017/1 has not been delivered to the Church of the Second Hytoth, due to security concerns.

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