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A significant location within SCP-4012.

Item #: SCP-4012

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4012-1 is, itself, surrounded with a 3 meter high security fence topped with coiled barbed wire, and accessed through a Level 8 Standard Pedestrian Security Gate, staffed by two personnel from Provisional Site-30. This fence and gate have been set up under the guise of a US Military installation, and appropriate signage has been erected. The entire structure is to surround SCP-4012-1 at a distance of 1 kilometer. All personnel monitoring expeditions are to take twenty minute shifts to negate the psychological effects of viewing the interior of SCP-4012. Personnel finishing shifts are to be blindfolded and made to lie down in a darkened room for a minimum of an hour, under the supervision and care of the site psychologist, and rotated out to normal duty after two hours.

All access to the unredacted transcripts and video logs of expeditions into SCP-4012 are to be protected by Bergman/Lynch incapacitation memetic videos. The Department of Memetics has analyzed memetic corruption within the logs for SCP-4012 and decided that the footage in the Bergman/Lynch memes should be sourced from horror films and uploaded to a private Youtube channel for maximum effectiveness. Under no circumstances is footage from poetry readings, science fiction movies, or religious sermons to be used in the footage, as these sources directly increase the memetic effects of unredacted content. Use of films containing amateurish acting, or acting which does not reflect realistic behavior, is recommended.

All memetic corruption is in the process of being edited out of documents. However, as some of this content is the only record of certain aspects of SCP-4012, research is currently ongoing. Personnel wishing to read unedited documents without experiencing the full memetic effects must first consume a standard dose of agnostics.

No non D-Class personnel are to enter SCP-4012. All personnel entering SCP-4012 are to be considered not lost but normal1.

Description: SCP-4012 is a large extra-dimensional space resembling Earth, but displaying significant deviations in terms of space, chronological procession, and dominant species. Certain elements within SCP-4012 have a memetic effect on those remotely or directly viewing the interior. This memetic effect is likely corollated with viewer perceptions of religion and normality. These elements directly impact the physiological and psychological makeup of a viewer who has prolonged exposure to the interior. (See Addendums) Locations within SCP-4012 correspond to regions but not to distinct settlements and places. SCP-4012 is surrounded by SCP-4012-1, a large plastic fence with a perimeter of 27 kilometers, located in the forest outside Camden, Maine, itself with a simple latching metal gate. A rough hiking path begins outside SCP-4012-1 and appears to extend into the early portions of SCP-4012-1. It is unknown who constructed SCP-4012-1; the gate and fence have no identifying marks except a small, spray painted logo resembling a dock, located on the underside of the gate.

The internal area that SCP-4012-1 encloses is impossible to measure because any subject entering SCP-4012-1 also immediately enters SCP-4012. Foundation expeditions have determined a point roughly 135 meters along the path segment that initially runs through SCP-4012 where it is possible for one to turn around and retrace their steps to SCP-4012-1 without becoming subject to the effects of SCP-4012, but this location is not consistent. Attempts to return to the gate past this position fail due to sudden inconsistent geography. Dominant species within SCP-4012, collectively designated SCP-4012-2, vary based on entrant.

Streamed video and radio can penetrate SCP-4012 with ease, however GPS has failed to locate subjects within, and satellite imagery shows empty forest. Most entrants to SCP-4012 follow a similar experience involving an eventual presumed cessation of life. All do not return.

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