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The following file concerns an anomaly currently under investigation. Any information presented here may be incorrect, inaccurate or purely speculative.

Item #: SCP-4008 Level 2/4008
Object Class: Pending Classified

The supposed location of Site-183

Special Containment Procedures: Research into the specific nature of SCP-4008 is ongoing. As such, standard protocols for dealing with potential memetic hazards, infohazards, temporal alterations and spatial warping are to be observed. Additionally, Class-3 data integrity checks are to be performed on information relating to Foundation sites hourly until the nature of SCP-4008 is understood.

All stored information pertaining to Site-183, its assigned personnel, and any anomalies contained there is currently being verified under MERKATOR-Class data security protocols.

Description: SCP-4008 designates an anomaly surrounding the existence or non-existence of Site-183. While full documentation for Site-183, its assigned personnel, and the anomalies contained there exists within Foundation records, no evidence of the Site can be found at its supposed location and no interviewed Foundation personnel have any memory of the Site or its staff.

Photos included in the documentation indicate several structures visible on the surface in the area occupied by the site, none of which are currently present. The only notable feature of the area is the lack of any signs of current life; no animal life exists in the area and dead trees serve as the only evidence of plant life. Satellite imagery is inconclusive due to standard counter-surveillance measures - only a possibly advanced rate of desertification is evidenced, though it should be noted that the area surrounding the location is historically barren.

According to documentation, Site-183 was primarily responsible for the research and containment of anomalous historical artifacts and documents. Supposedly contained on-site were 64 anomalous objects, including four with SCP-designation (all fully documented in Foundation databases), all of which remain unaccounted for.

The primary avenues of investigation are:

  • The alteration of Foundation records, by a currently undocumented anomaly and/or group hostile to Foundation interests.
  • A memetic or anti-memetic anomaly that has removed or suppressed all memory of Site-183 and anything related to it.
  • Spatial displacement or some other alteration to reality that has partially removed Site-183 from existence.

Temporal anomalies are considered a low probability due to the remaining evidence of its existence, though instances of Incomplete Causal Revision have been documented in the past, so it cannot be entirely discounted.

Investigations are ongoing.

Update 4008.01
A number of solid masses were detected below the supposed location of Site-183 via a modified seismic survey array, at depths of between 300m and 700m.1 Excavation operations are currently underway.

Update 4008.02
Excavation teams working at the supposed location of Site-183 reached the first significant mass; it appears to be the shattered and collapsed remains of a portion of standard site living quarters. Rubble and other wreckage appearing to be from a Foundation site was also found dispersed throughout the surrounding strata. The remains of a personal journal were found inside the rubble; the surviving sections are transcribed below.

The rest of the journal is illegible due to damage caused by fire and debris impact.

Following these discoveries, the existence of Site-183 is no longer in question. Investigations are to refocus their efforts accordingly. Excavation of the location is ongoing.

Update 4008.03
Sections of the site consistent with the remains of standard containment cells, along with the undetonated on-site nuclear failsafe device, were excavated at approximately 500m below the surface. No signs of the documented anomalous objects supposed to be contained at Site-183 were found; MTFs Phi-7 ("Skip Tracers") and Zeta-5 ("Thief Takers") have been tasked with their recovery under a separate initiative.

Update 4008.04
The partially intact central server unit for the site was found approximately 550m below the surface. The unit has suffered significant impact damage, rendering it inoperable, but data recovery technicians believe some data may be salvageable. The process is ongoing.

Update 4008.05
Data recovery operations on the Site-183 server core have yielded a series of audio logs (significantly corrupted due to damage to the server unit) submitted by Dr. Daniel Roberts, a historian and archaeologist assigned to Site-183. The intact sections are transcribed below; some logs were completely unrecoverable.


Photo from the dig site worked by the recovered Site-183 personnel, theorized to be Site Gamma mentioned in Dr. Roberts' audio logs.

Update 4008.06
A group of Foundation personnel matching the identities of a number of Site-183 staff made contact with Site-147 at approximately 10:00+07:00 this morning. According to their statements, they were working at an archaeological dig site when approximately eight days ago they began to realise they had no memory of why they were working there or who assigned them to do so4.

They were forced to make a significant portion of the journey to Site-147, the nearest site to their location, on foot following the failure of their only available vehicle. All available communication equipment was nonfunctional; analysis revealed standard security measures were failing verification checks due to their non-responsive source site, Site-183.

The members of the team appear to have no memory of Site-183, any of the work they did there or any of the personnel they encountered during their time there.

A team was dispatched to the dig site to confirm their claims; the ruins of a large, partially unearthed and almost totally destroyed city were present, with evidence of recent activity.

Update 4008.07
The following document, written by Dr. Daniel Roberts, was recovered from the Site-183 server unit. Partial data corruption is present.

Update 4008.08
The following document describing an object matching the recovered artifact in Dr. Robert's audio logs was recovered intact from the Site-183 server unit.

No instances of the seed objects mentioned in this document have been recovered. Restructuring of SCP-4008 documentation to account for new information is pending.

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