SCP-4007 during the Second World War. This photo is believed to have been taken during initial training at Unit 731 headquarters in Pingfang.

Item #: SCP-4007

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Primary containment of SCP-4007 consists of investigation into SCP-4007-5’s location. MTF Phi-51 (“MacArthur’s Dogs”) are currently spearheading the investigation efforts, as well as drafting plans for SCP-4007-5's capture.

Additionally, the Foundation has a standing agreement with SCP-4007-4 that allows the anomaly to have limited mobility in the field under Foundation monitoring thanks to the alignment of goals between the anomaly and the Foundation. SCP-4007-4 should be considered a high-value intelligence asset for information concerning SCP-4007 and SCP-4007-5.

Description: SCP-4007 is the collective designation for 5 anomalous individuals, informally known as the “Pingfang 5”, who formed a special operations unit serving under Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.1 All five individuals received multiple anomalous abilities over the course of the Second World War. While each individual received different abilities, a number of properties (both anomalous and otherwise) are common to all instances that the Foundation has encountered to date, such as:

  • Extended longevity. SCP-4007-4 remains in excellent physical condition despite chronologically being a centenarian.
  • Enhanced physical abilities, including, but not limited to: faster reflexes, improved senses, increased physical strength.
  • Ability to speak multiple languages, primarily Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and German.
  • Intelligence and special forces training.

To date, all encountered SCP-4007 instances have shown an unwillingness to accept the end of the Second World War. Similar to other non-anomalous Japanese holdouts, SCP-4007 instances have maintained that their missions are not yet complete, and thus require them to be in the field, and operating under their original orders. To date, only SCP-4007-4 has shown any willingness to cooperate with Foundation personnel, though it has refused to acknowledge the end of the war, even when showed direct evidence of such.

Prior to Foundation encounters with SCP-4007, all instances of the anomaly remained active and at large throughout the territory formerly held by the Empire of Japan during the Second World War. At present, two instances (SCP-4007-4 and SCP-4007-5) remain alive, though only SCP-4007-5 is considered to be uncontained. More detailed information on SCP-4007's history and composition is included below.


IJAMEA Ensign, one of the entities responsible for SCP-4007's formation.

SCP-4007's origins lie in a collaboration between the Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Examination Agency (IJAMEA)2 and Unit 731. Utilizing IJAMEA's research into anomalous objects along with Unit 731's development of Project Shinka, SCP-4007 was created as a combination stealth-infiltration and special forces unit capable of working in highly dangerous environments within hostile territory and completing otherwise extremely difficult objectives of the Imperial Japanese military, both as an entire unit and as individual operatives.

Over the course of the war, SCP-4007 fought in nearly every major theater of operations that the Imperial Japanese Military engaged in during the war, though it primarily operated in Republican Chinese territory during the majority of the war, leading to their informal designation as the "Pingfang 5." By 1945, SCP-4007 was largely recalled from fieldwork in order to aid in the defense of the Japanese home islands. However, given the different locations in which SCP-4007 instances have been encountered post-war, it is believed that individual SCP-4007 operatives were given a new set of orders in 1945. The reasoning behind this as well as the contents of said orders remain unknown.

Individual instances of SCP-4007 have demonstrated a wide range of anomalous properties, which were intended to allow them to work together as a team more effectively. Foundation interactions, biographical information, and operational history on each specific instance is included below.


SCP-4007-1, while stationed in Burma in 1941.

Name: 1st Lieutenant Mitsuo Kitano

Original Codename: Inazuma - Lightning Bolt

DOB: 06/07/1905

Description: Nominal commander of the unit. SCP-4007-1 possessed anomalous ability to generate lightning, but was not immune to the effects of it post-generation.

Status: Terminated

Operational History: SCP-4007-1 was extensively deployed in the Burmese theater during the war, where it was utilized to burn down large segments of jungle in an effort to reduce cover and drive out Burmese and British Indian Army soldiers. Additionally, as ranking leader of SCP-4007, SCP-4007-1 took part in numerous joint operations in Japanese occupied China. Following the war, SCP-4007-1 was identified by Foundation assets as having returned to eastern Burma, where it was holding out in Shan State.

Foundation Interactions:

06/10/1946: SCP-4007-1 is identified by Republican Chinese soldiers stationed in the area, who mistook SCP-4007-1 for a Communist Chinese guerilla. SCP-4007-1 begins attacking Republican Chinese forces at this time.

06/10/1946 - 09/22/1947: SCP-4007-1 conducts a guerilla campaign against Republican Chinese soldiers, systematically striking at numerous Chinese Army camps and installations, severely reducing manpower in Kachin State, Burma. At least 500 casualties are recorded in this timespan, not including civilian residents of the region.

09/22/1947: Foundation containment team tracks down SCP-4007's location and attempts to apprehend the anomaly. SCP-4007-1 burns down a large segment of the Burmese jungle during its escape, killing one Foundation agent and 4 civilians.

02/12/1948: MTF Phi-51 is officially established and tasked with capturing SCP-4007-1.

04/25/1948: MTF Phi-51 conducts Operation Smokehouse, entrapping SCP-4007-1 within an enclosed section of jungle. SCP-4007-1 attempts to burn its way out of the jungle to clear a path, but becomes trapped inside the zone that MTF Phi-51 had closed off. When the fire had burned out, SCP-4007-1’s body was found within the zone, and believed to have expired due to smoke inhalation. The incident was ruled an acceptable outcome.



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