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Item #: SCP-4003 Level 4/4003
Object Class: Safe Classified

Provisional Site-1200 as seen from the entrance to the SCP-4003 dig site.

Special Containment Procedures: A 2km area surrounding SCP-4003 and Provisional Site-1200 has been designated a protected area. Civilians entering the perimeter are to be intercepted and turned away. Only personnel specializing in archeology, paleontology, and geology may be assigned to Provisional Site-1200.

All extracted artifacts and fossils recovered from SCP-4003 are to be stored in Site-11's Intensive Care Item Storage after being cataloged. Excess fossils deemed to be non-anomalous may be donated to the Museum of the Rockies via a Foundation front organization, the Southern Canadian Paleontologist group.

Any mentions of the town of Temperance found in historical documents and period journals are to be expunged.

Description: SCP-4003 is the group designation for the archaeological remains of the town of Temperance and its citizens found in the Hell Creek Formation near Jordan, Montana. Fossils, objects, and remains found within SCP-4003 date to the upper Cretaceous era1.

The town's few buildings included a saloon, sheriff's office, trading post, general store, and domestic buildings along its main street. Temperance primarily served as a rest stop for caravans heading to Helena from the Minnesota territory and had a small permanent population. The calculated population is estimated to have been 40 civilians and 10 horses and other livestock. Though little information on the town is available, it is mentioned in the journals of Gold Rush settlers between 1859 and 1866. Though the exact date of the town's disappearance is currently unknown, it is believed to have vanished in November of 1866.


Temperance's Main Street, circa 1866.

Following its disappearance, Temperance and its population manifested in the late Cretaceous era about 66 million years ago. It is believed most, if not all of the inhabitants and livestock perished from oxygen poisoning due to the increased levels of the chemical compound present in the Earth's atmosphere at the time. Any survivors were then likely to have perished from exposure, disease, famine, and the predatory megafauna.

The town of Temperance reappeared in its exact geographical location in the Upper Cretaceous Period. The lithology of SCP-4003 and the surrounding area indicate the climate of the area was subtropical due to its proximity to the Western Interior Seaway; sharply contrasting the aridity of modern Montana.

Below are brief lists of fossils and artifacts found in SCP-4003.2


A restored Tyrannosaurus rex on display at Site-11. Specimen was recovered from SCP-4003.

SCP-4003 was discovered in 1871 by gold miners from the nearby Everwood Mine. Foundation field operatives were dispatched to the dig site to evaluate the reports of human remains being found deep underground in newly created tunnels. Though originally believed to be Homo neanderthalensis specimens, the anatomy of the found skulls were identical to that of a Homo sapiens. Level II Hypnosuggestive agents3 were administered to all involved civilians and the Foundation purchased ownership of Everwood Mine. Provisional Site-1200 was established near SCP-4003 shortly afterward, and the area of discovery was excavated.

An investigation by the Department of Temporal Anomalies is currently ongoing, as is archeological and paleontological work on SCP-4003.

Addendum 1: Recovered Journals
On 07/26/2008, a metal safe found to be in good condition was recovered from SCP-4003. Its contents are anomalously well-preserved and show no signs of aging. Items found in the safe include musket balls, revolver rounds, a rosary, daguerreotypes, and a journal. The journal is labeled as belonging to one 'Pendleton Tweed'; a sheriff's deputy in Temperance.

A collection of entries following Temperance's disappearance is available below.

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