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SCP-4002-J, upon acquisition.

Item #: SCP-4002-J

Object Class: Bleu-clid

Special Comte-ainment Procheesedures: SCP-4002-J is stored in an re-friesla-tor in Doctor Jack's office, on Site 19. The office is the per-feta location to store the object, as it is located on level B-4, thirty meters urdă-ground. In queso a containment brie-ch, all com-muenster-cations are to be curd off, to prevent further cantal-mination.

Des-gippsland: SCP-4002-J refers to a cheese wheel of unknown com-port-sition. When o-bay-served, the sussex is overwh-emlett with the impulse to utilize dairy-centered cheddar-ic as a piora-ty in their sp-beechster patterns. This ef-feta has been dauphin-ed as me-meira-tic, and as such, comte-ainment must be ad-muenster-ed caerphilly. No personnel with coolea-rence level 3 or baylough are parm-itted to access SCP-4002-J at any time.

Spread of the ef-feta of SCP-4002-J, in a manouri-ty of cases, involves any string of dairy rodoric being per-serra-eived by an unaf-feta-ed subject. Due to the risk of lin-goutu-stic collapse, Molbo Task Force Feta-9 ("Have at Thee, Havarti!"), is deployed to whey the situation and ad-muenster ami-nesiacs when pont-ssible. If the comte-amination has brie-ched the forty-eight hour mark, the ef-feta is considered to be at crema-tical condition, and af-feta-ed subjects must be toma-nated.

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