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Item #: SCP-4001-B

Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4001-B is secured within a steel bunker, constructed for its containment in Tokyo, Japan. The buildings around the bunker have been purchased by the Foundation, and are being rented out to a number of karate dojos, cheap love hotels, and cheaper ramen bars to help maintain the facade.

In the event of a large hostile assault against SCP-4001-B, all available teams are to be deployed to defend SCP-4001-B2.

Open flames are strictly forbidden within SCP-4001-B, as are missile launchers, shruiken or kunai, or katanas of any kind. Writing utensils may only be brought inside SCP-4001-B with a majority vote by the O5-Council3.

Description: SCP-4001-B consists of a small doorway within a basement, leading to a staircase descending 15 meters below ground. The staircase enters into a large room stacked with bookshelves4. The room does not conform to Euclidian geometry; it is possible to walk in any one direction and eventually return to the point of origin.

The room is filled entirely by bookshelves. The main walkway originates from the staircase and runs in both directions the full length of SCP-4001-B, with funky futon mats situated every 20 meters along the main walkway5. Under appropriate lighting conditions, it is possible to see oneself in the distance by looking in the appropriate direction.

SCP-4001-B represents a complete archive of every human life to date, and is continuously self-updating. Every human being that has ever lived has a single corresponding shonen manga within the archive, covering all important events in their life in a typically exaggerated format. As humans are born, new books are added to the archive. Books are stored in order of individuals' births, and the spine and front cover of each book is inscribed with the name of those it refers to. The general text and speech bubbles are written in a language which is simultaneously unlike any existing language known to the Foundation, while simultaneously being completely comprehensible to any literate individual reading it6. The total number of books is estimated at approximately 120 billion.

The contents of the books represent the idealised life of the individuals contained within. Altering the contents of the books has a corresponding effect upon reality, with names, vendettas, superpowers, hair colour7 and style, backstories, waifus, fetishes and perversions, personality quirks, and even complete existences changing accordingly to alterations applied to the book. Important life events are included, but they are exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness, with individuals demonstrating abilities and personality traits far beyond their own. As such, amendments made directly to books typically do not result in any change unless specifically entered in manga format, and suitably exaggerated as is expected of shonen manga.

SCP-4001-B was first encountered by Foundation staff in 19██. A local group of teenagers were attempting to use the archives to write their history papers, among other uses8.

Notable Texts:

The Sultry Stories of Cleopatra of the Nile. Details the life of Cleopatra VII, last pharaoh of Egypt. A supremely hardcore hentai with political undertones. Chapters include [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]9.

The Martial Chronicles of Joan d'Arc. Details the life of French commander and religious figurehead Joan of Arc. Chapters include a lengthy conversation with SCP-343, multiple battles using sorcery, cannonades, and sniper rifles, a number of katana duels with English knights, and a spectacularly tragic death scene of her burning at the stake spanning some 50 heartrending pages.

The Wonderful Life of Leonardo Da Vinci. Details the life of artist, engineer and all around polymath Leonardo Da Vinci. Comedic in tone. Chapters include multiple torrid love affairs with various men, multiple wacky adventures with his devices, a Q-like relationship with a weirdo figure in a hood with no fear of heights, and a chapter where he builds a time machine so he can get proper notes and sketches for his masterpiece The Last Supper.

The Ruthless Royal, Henry "Fuck the Pope (and Anything Else That Moves)" Tudor VIII. Details the life of English king Henry VIII. Chapters include several jousting tourneys10, his incredibly profane rap battle with Pope Clement VII, a large number of explicit hentai scenes with various numbers of his seventeen wives, the brutal executions of four of his wives (including a lengthy superpowered fight with Anne Boleyn), and his eventual death due to hyper-obesity.

The Life and Times of Abraham "Breaker of Chains" Lincoln. Details the life of American President Abraham Lincoln. Chapters include his early career as a pugilist lawyer, his brutal broadsword duel against James Shields, his brief tenure as a vampire slayer, a number of spectacular hand to hand brawls in Congress, his unleashment of an energy beam against the forces of slavery, and his epic sniper duel to the death against John Wilkes Booth.

The Chronicles of Theodore "Badass Motherfucker" Roosevelt. Details the life of American President Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt. Chapters include him punching his own heart condition back into health, an incredibly sorrowful chapter regaling the death of his wife and mother, his time in the West as a sharpshooting cowboy, his cavalry charge against energy weapons, his feud with the New York mob bosses during his tenure as NYPD commissioner, his ascension to Omega status with the death of McKinley, him tanking a hailfire of bullets during his inaugral speech, a boxing match to the death against a grizzly bear during his presidency that resulted in him being blinded in one eye, and his eventual epic duel with death himself11.

Addendum 4001-B1: Cataloging Assistance System

On ██/██/20██, a team of researchers and engineers completed the construction of a system which would enable easier access to the archives. Due to the sheer size of the archives, many days or even weeks of travel were required to locate older books. Thus, the Cataloging Assistance System was installed.

In order to use the Cataloging Assistance System, users should follow these steps:

  1. Use the installed computers to search for the person of interest from the database, and receive their coordinates
  2. Input the coordinates into the Cataloging Assistance System
  3. Put on a crash helmet and a bubble suit12, and get into the Cataloging Assistance System
  4. Push the launch button.

Depending on aerodynamics, users will typically land within 100 to 200 meters of their intended text.

Addendum 4001-B2: Incident 4001-BK

On ██/██/████, [REDACTED] entered SCP-4001 without permission, and used the Cataloging Assistance System to locate their own book. They then used an HB pencil to add several panels to the last pages of their own book, detailing their discovery of an immensely powerful artifact, which was then used to turn themselves into a god of corruption.

Later that day, they found a 5000-yen note on the ground outside SCP-4001-B, and spent it on cheap ramen that gave them diarrhea for a week.

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