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Item #: SCP-400-ARC

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-400-ARC is contained in a standard 10m x 10m room made of white-paneled concrete. Containment area is lit by 4 110-watt halogen lights, which must be replaced immediately when they fail. One guard on a 12-hour rotation is placed outside the door, which has an electronic keypad lock on it. The door is made of standard steel with a plexiglass window at eye-level. Room is monitored by four CCTV cameras, one in each corner of the ceiling.

Description: SCP-400-ARC appears to be a K6-model red telephone box. Discovered in 19██ in ██████, ███████, it was brought to the attention of the Foundation by a vacationing operative. It was immediately extracted and taken to Containment Area 25 for study. When tested, it was shown to exhibit negligible levels of x-ray, gamma, and an unknown form of radiation from the handset, but only while in use. After several months of study, it was deemed Safe.

SCP-400-ARC functions just like any other K6-model red telephone box, with the exception that, if the Operator is dialed, the user only has to speak the name of the person they are trying to reach and they will be connected to them without fail. This effect seems to work even when the subject does not have a telephone nearby. Any abnormalities are to be reported to Dr. T. █████.

Addendum 1: Under absolutely no circumstances are any staff to use SCP-400-ARC as a toy. Making prank calls with this SCP is unacceptable. Attempts to call any kind of mythological figure, deity, or otherwise will result in immediate termination, if said call does not immediately terminate the caller. - Dr. T. █████

Addendum 2: Due to several mishaps, use of SCP-400-ARC to contact the dead now requires the supervision of at least two individuals with level 3 clearance. Any personnel exhibiting erratic behavior at these times are to be submitted for psychiatric evaluation, regardless of clearance.

Addendum 3: Under absolutely no circumstances are any staff to answer the phone if it rings. If the phone rings at any time, inform Dr. █████ immediately. If Dr. █████ is unavailable, notify High Command on site and lock down containment area. Any staff, regardless of clearance, attempting to answer SCP-400-ARC without Dr. █████’s permission are to be immediately terminated. Those with level 3 clearance please see Document #400-1 for details.

Addendum 4: In the wake of the Containment Area 23 incident, SCP-400-ARC is now stored at [DATA EXPUNGED].

Document #400-1: [SCP-400-ARC Rings]
[04:06:13] Phone rings.
[04:07:52] Door guard enters containment area.
[04:07:55] Guard enters phone box.
[04:07:57] Guard answers phone.
[04:07:59] Guard gives his name, rank, and security clearance and asks caller for identification.
[04:08:01] Overhead light in containment area fails.
[04:08:02] Screaming is heard, followed shortly by a wet popping noise.
[04:08:12] Containment failure occurs.
[04:08:13] Containment failure occurs on SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-████, and [DATA EXPUNGED]
[04:08:28] SCP-████ comes into contact with [DATA EXPUNGED].
[04:08:29] [DATA EXPUNGED]
[04:08:37] Facility locked down. All staff on site terminated.

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