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Item #: SCP-3999-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3999-J is to be contained at Site-42 in specialized containment wing R. On 25 JUNE 2014, Researcher James Talloran volunteered to dedicate around-the-clock support to containing SCP-3999-J. As such, Researcher Talloran has been forbidden from leaving containment wing R under threat of lethal force. All visiting researchers to containment wing R must be cleared by Researcher Talloran.

Additionally, containment wing R has the following requirements:

  • The enclosure must be cleaned daily. All organic matter is to be collected and disposed of. Soiled linens are to be washed and all surfaces of the primary containment enclosure must be sanitized.
  • Supplies and provisions are to be restocked daily. Researcher Talloran should be consulted every morning to determine any necessary special provisions or supplies for that day.
  • Crews are to remain on hand at all times to service and fuel all vehicles in the containment track.
  • Mobile Task Force Lambda-3 ("Bounty Hunters") has been established to contain SCP-3999-J. In addition to standard armaments, MTF L3 is to maintain an arsenal of "iCombat" laser guns.
  • The indoor containment pool must be kept at 29°C, while the auxiliary containment tub must be kept at 40°C.

Description: SCP-3999-J is an entity capable of causing an XK End-Of-World scenario at will. Accounts of its appearance are inconsistent, and it is believed that it can shapeshift. It can appear as a half-bear, half-man creature with many tentacles coming out of its back, or a nondescript human. Originally, it made stubborn demands for food and large sums of US currency, but Researcher Talloran has devised several containment strategies to keep its effects at bay.

SCP-3999-J's secondary effect is an anti-memetic field that erases all memories of itself from anyone who views it. This effect occurs in real-time, so the entity appears invisible. However, Researcher Talloran is immune to the anti-memetic effect. Studies are underway to determine Researcher Talloran's unique immunity to SCP-3999-J.

UPDATE 05 JANUARY 2015: Guest Researchers Candi Madison, Jackie Love, and Emma Angel have agreed to indefinitely assist Researcher Talloran in containment efforts.

UPDATE 05 MARCH 2015: Guest Researchers Mitch Talloran and Trevor Mason were both confirmed to be immune to SCP-3999-J, and have agreed to indefinitely assist Researcher James Talloran in containment efforts.

UPDATE 19 APRIL 2015: Guest Researchers Alexa Cuti and Ivy Hart have agreed to indefinitely assist Researcher Talloran in containment efforts.

Documents 3999-J-1-3: These transcripts document the first known encounter with SCP-3999-J.

STAFF: Hello, front desk.
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Yes, this is James Talloran. Can you ask the cafeteria to send up a cheeseburger and fries to my desk? I'm working late tonight.
STAFF: Uhhh… let me check. No, sorry. You're not on the list. Only essential containment personnel can request meal delivery.
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Oh. I see. Well, uhm, I've got a Keter entity here and I need a cheeseburger and fries to contain it.
STAFF: [sigh] Whatever. Take it up with Containment. Extension 3333.

CONTAINMENT: Hello, containment, what is your emergency?
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Yes, this is Researcher Talloran. I'm in room 402B and I've got a, ahem, Keter entity here and I need a cheeseburger and fries to contain it.
CONTAINMENT: Right away sir! Cheeseburger and fries, stat! What is the designation of the Keter entity?
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: It's… new. And it wants a Coke also.
CONTAINMENT: Yes sir! Stay where you are sir! Do not move! Do not engage the Keter entity! Wait for containment forces to arrive!

RESEARCHER TALLORAN: It's… right there in the corner. What, you can't see it?
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: It… it says to put the food on my desk.
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Oh, it, it disappeared! Great job MTF!

Document 3999-J-2713: This transcript documents the latest information on SCP-3999-J's containment.

DIRECTOR LYCUS: James, it's a great thing you do. I don't know how you can handle it, keeping that thing at bay all these years.
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: It's no trouble, director, really.
DIRECTOR LYCUS: How are the latest containment procedures working?
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Oh, they're great. The containment course was really a great idea. By driving around it at high speeds in those super cars, we're able to really just, uh, contain the hell out of three-nine-nine-nine.
DIRECTOR LYCUS: Does this mean the old containment procedures are no longer necessary? You don't need the pool or the containment buffet anymore?
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Uhm, no sir, not at all sir, those are still absolutely, absolutely necessary. I mean the cars only work on it for so long, sir. It, uhm, adapts to them quickly, you know, and only by, wrestling with it into that pool with my fellow researchers can we really, you know, keep it contained. And the buffet, I mean, three-nine-nine-nine wants that like five or six times a day, so that's, no, we need to keep that.
DIRECTOR LYCUS: Roger that. So all of your previous containment procedures are still effective?
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Yeah, yeah. But listen, you know, the bar by the pool, three-nine-nine-nine, well I think he's adapting to the selection there, I was hoping to restock with some different varieties.
DIRECTOR LYCUS: Absolutely, I'll approve it. Anything else?
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Yeah, I'll be putting in another order for xbox games, three-nine-nine-nine has adapted to all of those also.
RESEARCHER TALLORAN: Hey can we cut this short? I gotta run. I need to, go uh, oversee Candi and Alexa.
DIRECTOR LYCUS: Godspeed to you.

UPDATE 05 AUGUST 2017: SCP-3999-J has demonstrated the ability to memetically affect remote individuals, causing them to hallucinate. This typically manifests as illusions of Researcher Talloran entering and leaving the containment facility. It also manifested remotely when one off-duty scientist hallucinated Researcher Talloran entering a casino, and later that day when another staff member hallucinated seeing Researcher Talloran purchasing an automobile. On that same occasion, an entire team of containment personnel hallucinated picking up Researcher Talloran at a hospital after they hallucinated him drunkenly text them that he had crashed into a parked car. Researcher Talloran's investigation into this new ability is ongoing.

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