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Item#: SCP-3998
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-45 REDACTED Dr. Stuart Hayward REDACTED


SCP-3998 upon retrieval.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3998 is to be contained in Secure Holding Locker 3998-1 (SHL 3998-1). SHL-3998-1 is to be fireproofed, and vacuum sealed to prevent access to oxygen. SCP-3998 and SHL 3998-1 are scheduled for cleaning every day at 9:00 AM.

If any D-class personnel spontaneously ignite, the seal to SCP-3998's containment locker must be inspected and repaired/replaced as necessary. For safety reasons, Site-34 must hold D-class personnel, particularly those who have been convicted of first-degree murder charges and domestic abuse.

If staff are found to have been targeted by SCP-3998, they are to be investigated, and then processed.

Description: SCP-3998 is a human cadaver, which expired late 17th century. SCP-3998 lacks any legs, and is covered in extensive fourth degree burns. Sometime after its death, SCP-3998's remains were collected and fashioned into a scarecrow, held together by wicker, nails, and wire. Along with its severe burns, SCP-3998 appears to have suffered blunt force trauma to multiple regions of its body; it is unclear if SCP-3998 died as a result from one of the two, or both (See Examination-3998-6).

The object constantly exudes a flammable liquid from its bones, which is composed primarily of ethanol and human fat. Each night, between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM, SCP-3998 ignites and is engulfed in flames. However, despite being highly flammable, SCP-3998 does not suffer any structural damage. When SCP-3998 is on fire, and when not contained properly, the nearest person who meets certain criteria will also spontaneously ignite.

SCP-3998 targets those who have killed1 or physically abused a romantic partner. If SCP-3998 is unable to ignite itself, SCP-3998 cannot ignite targets. Instead, those who would have been targeted only develop brief, mild pains to either their chest, or to the back of their head.

As targets are left burning, large quantities of boiling ethanol will appear in their stomach. This large influx of alcohol typically induces vomiting, which causes further external burns, and will often cause permanent nerve and organ damage if they survive the initial burning.

Eventually, their body fat, particularly in the torso/stomach region, will begin to melt. The process is extremely rapid, often causing massive internal damage if the target is successfully extinguished before they die of 4th degree burns.

If left to burn, the combination of melted fat and ethanol will cause the stomach to violently rupture, often bisecting the victim in the process. Those that SCP-3998 affects cannot be extinguished until SCP-3998 itself is also extinguished.



SCP-3998 Documents


The following is a partial set of documents and materials related to SCP-3998, as well as related correspondences and articles discovered on the property where SCP-3998 was originally found.

These Documents may only be viewed by staff with specialized 3998 clearance, the current Site-34 Administrator, and those with O5 designations.

Addendum-3998-2: After SCP-3998 was contained, there was a noted increase in the number of murders per day in Massachusetts, increasing from 0.32 to 0.48. A large portion of these deaths are arson-homicides, and the victims are known perpetrators of violent crimes. Victims appear covered in extensive 4th degree burns, and are gutted from the chest to pelvis.

Information on these murders could not be contained due to the corpses being discovered in public displays and being attributed to the "Wicker Witch." The public has been led to believe that the perpetrator of these killings is a serial killer using the Wicker Witch legend as an inspiration, that the Wicker Witch is fictional, and that no witch burnings happened in Salem. Classification to Euclid pending on the capture and containment of the person responsible.

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