All the memories of the place I belonged to, really belonged to, before it all fell apart and stopped making sense.

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Item #: SCP-3997

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-3997-1 instances are to be taken into Foundation custody, and interviewed to acquire information on SCP-3997, before being issued with Class-C amnestics and returned to the population.

A special taskforce, MTF ██-██ "Ragged Claws" is responsible for the location and detention of these individuals. This taskforce has undertaken extensive antimemetic and cognitohazardous training, in an effort to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-3997 is a mental phenomenon affecting a number of individuals, hereafter referred to as SCP-3997-1 instances. There does not appear to be any common factors linking these individuals beyond their anomalous properties, although a significantly large number of these instances are residents of the county of ███████████████, England.

SCP-3997-1 instances report a number of vivid dreams featuring white roses. These dreams often involve memories of early childhood, but which have been altered to feature white roses or the SCP-3997-1 instance walking through a rose garden. SCP-3997-1 instances demonstrate an inordinate affection and regard for white roses, sometimes bordering on the obsessive.

SCP-3997 was first brought to the Foundation's attention when the regular psyche evaluations of several researchers at sites in the West of England revealed that they shared almost identical recurring dreams, despite a lack of contact or involvement with one another beforehand.

Below is an interview with a typical SCP-3997-1 instance: Dr. █████ ███ ████, a Level 3 Foundation researcher.

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