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Item #: SCP-3992



Object Class: Safe

Special Containment procedures: All instances of SCP-3992 are to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-17.

Description: SCP-3992 is a number of children's Halloween face masks. Instances come in a range of designs, portraying various Halloween themed monsters. Instances are constructed out of simple plastic materials, paint and string. Each instance bears a label reading "Wondertainment Whacky Halloween Fun Masks" on their interior.

SCP-3992 instances do not display any anomalous properties when worn by a non-anomalous individual. However, when worn by an anomalous entity, it will appear to physically change into an adolescent humanoid of varying appearance. Any clothing worn by the wearer will appear to change into a costume fitting the SCP-3992 instance's appearance. Clothing will simply appear to manifest on entities not wearing anything.

Anomalous entities wearing instances of SCP-3992 do not experience actual physical changes, instead appearing to have become humanoid. Changes to an entity's appearance and manifested clothing cannot be physically felt, and affected entities may continue to function and interact with their surroundings as normal. Affects will cease when an SCP-3992 instance is removed. The physical appearance gained by wearers vary between subjects, differing in skin color/tone, hair, size, and gender.

Discovery Log: SCP-3992 was discovered on 24/██/20██, in a house in ██████, Wisconsin, United States. The house had been seized by the Foundation under suspicion of anomalous activity originating from it. Among SCP-3992, several other anomalous items were found, a majority of which were of Wondertainment origin. The previous residents of the house were found to have fled the area and remain unfound. SCP-3992 was located in a cardboard box in the house's attic among several Halloween decorations. As of note, the name 'Stanley' was found written on the inside of SCP-3992-6 (vampire mask). Records show a child by the same name to have been one of the houses previous residents.

The following document was found along with SCP-3992:

To our most loyal of customers during this most spooky of seasons,

We at Doctor Wondertainment would like to give to you a very special gift in accordance with the holidays. For your continued loyalty over the years, we would like to present a very special treat to those of you who might find it rather difficult to fit in.

We at Wondertainment believe in embracing what others may consider strange and spooky. There are too many wonders in this world locked away by those who just don't understand, or find the abnormal too scary. We know first hand that it can be troublesome accepting who you are, especially in a world of the mundane, so we come with wonderful news, that for just one night, you may go out and celebrate the strange and the scary without worry of what others may think of you!

For our customers out there who struggle with these feelings on a daily basis, we have decided to give you a special free of charge reward this Halloween! A little something to show our gratitude for your continued support. In this box, you will find a complete set of our new Wondertainment Whacky Halloween Fun Masks!. Celebrate this Halloween with a costume so amazingly convincing you won’t even be able to recognize yourself!

Have fun out there kids! Try not to wander into any dark forests while trick or treating!

And if you run into a headless fellow along the way, give him a good hello from us at Dr. Wondertainment! We miss you a lot old friend! We hope you’re being taken good care of.

- Dr. Wondertainment.

Addendum 3992-1: Testing of SCP-3992 on several other SCP objects was suggested as a means of discovering the range of its effects when used on anomalous entities of varying physical nature. Approval of various SCP objects for testing was authorized.

Addendum 3992-2: On the 29/09/20██, a package was found outside of Site-17, addressed to the Foundation. Inside were a second set of SCP-3992. Instances consisted of a skeleton, jack o'lantern, banshee, zombie and clown.

The following note was included:

To the SCP Foundation,

We see that you’ve been playing around with our product and approve of it greatly! It’s nice to see you giving others a taste of the Holidays and we hope you’re having fun with them yourselves!

As a sign of gratitude for your vigorous testing of so many of our products, we present to you the newest batch of Wondertainment Wacky Halloween Fun Masks!. The following set has not been officially released just yet, but we’re hoping to get them out soon enough!

We hope you'll share these with a few more of your guests and get some top-notch results!

With all honesty though, we make these products because many don’t get the chance to experience a proper childhood, or even celebrate such a unique time of year. So during that magical time when the mundane blend with the uncanny, we want to celebrate it right and give a little more.

Cause that’s what it’s all about, right?

- Yours, Dr. Wondertainment

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