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SCP-3991 as viewed from the U.S.S ████████ on ██/██/1997

Item #: SCP-3991

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone is to be maintained at a distance of three (3) kilometres from the geographic centre of the island, with the area officially designated a U.S. Navy installation to deter visitors. Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur is to conduct regular patrols around the island. Additional, fake vessels are to be constructed from wood and styrofoam to appear from a distance as U.S. Navy ships, to further sell the island as a military installation.

Forged accounts of the island's existence are to be placed into media dating from 1951 until the present day. As it is uninhabited and extremely remote, said media will state that it was discovered by a U.S. Navy ship blown off-course while conducting drills in the Arctic Circle in 1951. The island was subsequently claimed by the U.S. Navy as its northernmost installation, and records of this installation will be circulated to the general populace until its existence before 1993 is unquestioned. According to the forged accounts, the installation was classified until 1993, explaining its absence from most media of the time. Post-1993 internet records are to be altered to include the installation.

Any record of Kaffeklubben Island's status as the northernmost island in the world is to be expunged, and replaced with SCP-3991 under the name "Lewis Island". A fake image will be created and supplied with these records to deter questions about SCP-3991's resemblance to Ball's Pyramid.

Any printed or otherwise saved material post-1993 that is not edited by the Foundation to include SCP-3991 is to be considered a printing error and deemed incorrect. People exposed to these materials who ask questions will be administered Class A Amnestics.

Samples chipped from the island are to be stored, electromagnetically levitated, an appropriate distance from other objects. The only sample currently separate from the main island, 3991-Sample-1, is to be stored in a Type 41 Electromagnetic Levitation Chamber1 in the Safe-Class object archives of Site-19. Removal of additional samples is currently prohibited, and requests for experimentation with 3991-Sample-1 must be submitted in writing to Site-19's Level 4 Director. Requests for additional samples to be taken must be submitted in writing to O5 Command.

Description: SCP-3991 is an island located in the Arctic Circle, its southernmost point located exactly 1█.█ kilometres north of Kaffeklubben Island, Greenland. It is identical in all dimensions to Ball's Pyramid, a unique geological formation found east of Australia. As Ball's Pyramid was formed as a remnant of a shield volcano, the shape of SCP-3991 and its location in the Arctic Circle is considered an anomaly.

SCP-3991 appeared through unknown means between the times of 18:██ and 19:██ on ██/██/1993. The U.S. polar-orbiting satellite DMSP 5D-2/F06 did not image the island when it passed over the island's location at the time of 18:██, however the island appeared in the image taken 6072 seconds later at 19:██. As DMSP 5D-2/F06 was the only satellite to image that point during the period of the island's appearance, its 6072-second orbital period is the most precise time period obtainable by the Foundation.

SCP-3991 shows an extensive level of anomalous time dilation. Effects typically associated with time dilation, such as extreme gravity, have not been observed. The time dilation has been observed to be radiating outward from the island in a sort of gradient, to about two kilometres offshore where the effect diminishes to a point of being unobservable. The following table shows the recorded time dilation at different distances from the geographic centre of SCP-3991:

Attempts to observe dilation at distances closer than 5 metres to the geographic center of the island have met failure. See Document 3991-Time-Measurement-Log.pdf for details.

Observations have indicated the time dilative effect to be a property of the island's material, instead of a property tied to the entire island. 3991-Sample-1, A small sample chipped off the island, was tested and found to dilate time in its immediate surroundings by a factor of 1/██████ in relation to the entire island. This is consistent with the chipped sample comprising an estimated 1/██████ the mass of the entire island.

The time dilative effect of the island poses significant geological problems. It is unknown exactly how the island's material differs from normal rock, as chemical analysis of 3991-Sample-1 indicates is composition is in line with what is to be expected east of Australia. As such, it is impossible to determine the boundary between SCP-3991 and the ordinary bedrock below. The ocean floor and bedrock below SCP-3991 experiences time significantly slower than its geological surroundings. The implications and effects of this are currently unknown.

Requests for Experimentation with SCP-3991 and Related Samples

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