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3/3989 LEVEL 3/3989
Item #: SCP-3989

Overland photo of SCP-3989 during initial containment survey.

Special Containment Procedures:


Foundation assets have purchased 20 acres of land surrounding SCP-3989 and converted them into a working olive orchard. Protocol Plainsight-201 is in effect for all shipments sent from and received by Area-126. Chain-link fencing topped with barbed wire has been installed around the perimeter of property surrounding SCP-3989. Concrete barriers 4 m in height have been constructed surrounding the original extent of the Area-126 property, with security checkpoints on the northern and eastern walls for access to the interior. An additional 4 m concrete barrier surrounds the current extent of SCP-3989's active zone at a distance of 5 m.

A platoon strength detachment of MTF Ψ-7 ("Fumigators") is to be stationed on site at all times with access to anti-tank weaponry in the event of internal breach or external incursion. Additional assets will be made available if greater force is deemed necessary to prevent local military activity from breaching SCP-3989's active zone. Civilians attempting to gain access are to be turned away or restrained with nonlethal force and must be captured prior to breaching SCP-3989.

All experimentation on retrieved items is to be carried out under Biosafety Level 4 conditions. Any material retrieved from SCP-3989 is to be incinerated at the conclusion of testing with no exceptions. Personnel affected by SCP-3989-V are to be offered the option to self terminate following interview, or remanded to permanent HCP-03 containment cells on site.

Biweekly, 4 teams of 10 members each of MTF Ψ-7 ("Fumigators") will enter the active zone from all four cardinal directions and incinerate any new growth within the active zone to a depth of approximately 10 m. Drone exploration of SCP-3989-A requires approval of the anomaly's HMCL Supervisor (currently Dr. Sahir Ywakim) and Area-126 Director Fahreed Mohammed.


SCP-3989 is a USUWAS2-C1 space-time anomaly which connects a large portion of its interior to an unknown and apparently extrauniversal or extratemporal location (SCP-3989-A). The active zone of the anomaly is approximately 12 m 30 m in diameter.

SCP-3989 is located within a grove of Olea europaea trees in ███████, Syria. External measurements and observations of the grove indicate a footprint of approximately 5 acres. From the perimeter of the property, the anomalous nature of SCP-3989 is not readily apparent, though locally embedded Kant counter readings fluctuate between 0.76 and 3.62 Hm, with highest readings occurring during dark hours. This effect persists at distances of up to 20 m from the perimeter of the property.

Upon entering the active zone, SCP-3989 manifests a non-euclidean space which continues to expand as it is traversed until subjects of the anomaly cross into SCP-3989-A. Radio and other communication signals continue to traverse the anomaly with no distortion, but GPS tracking has proven ineffective. Traversal into SCP-3989-A can only be achieved from a westerly direction, after sunset. If the active zone is approached from the east or during daylight hours, non-euclidean properties of the area persist, but will not result in a subject's disappearance into SCP-3989-A. Interior dimensions of the active zone exceed 5 10 acres. Instances of SCP-3989-1 within the active zone appear with the same frequency as non-anomalous Olea europaea trees on the rest of the property, and are likely to outnumber them by as much as two to one.

SCP-3989 and SCP-3989-A are home to several anomalous forms of life which bear striking genetic resemblance to Homo sapiens. Though individual structures are clearly constructed of human tissue, their organization is widely divergent. All trees present within the region are characterized by varying degrees of ossification. Specimens which are completely ossified and defoliated resume growth of new leaf-like and fruit-like structures to support their anomalous anatomy and reproduce animal-like and plant-like entities found within SCP-3989-A.

Update, 05/07/2015: SCP-3989-V refers to an unknown chemical or biological vector responsible for the onset of several perceptual effects in the Area surrounding SCP-3989. The primary function of the vector appears to be the concealment of SCP-3989's full active range and to increase difficulty in perceiving related anomalous biological activity. Extended exposure to SCP-3989-V dampens the effects of perceptual tampering, but encourages a sense of curiosity regarding SCP-3989. Long term exposure results in an obsessive, even religious fascination with SCP-3989 and SCP-3989-A. Biosafety Level 4 precautions are sufficient to prevent exposure in long-term personnel, suggesting either a chemical or olfactory vector. Research pending.

SCP-3989's active zone has expanded at least 18 m since its initial containment.


Foundation assets in Syria were alerted to a possible anomaly when a small olive orchard owned by █████ ██ ████████ in northern ██████ began to report and sell anomalously high crop yields for his reported number of trees. Field agents dispatched were met with significant resistance to questioning, and so began surveillance of the property. A harvesting operation alerted agents to the anomalous space contained within SCP-3989, and Foundation agents seized the property. During interview, Mr. ████████ demonstrated no knowledge as to the origin or purpose of SCP-3989, and appeared to be entirely ignorant of SCP-3989-A. He and his family were subsequently amnesticized, relocated, and released. No further anomalous activity on the part of Mr. ████████ has since been recorded. Circumstances surrounding SCP-3989's initial manifestation remain unknown.

Addendum 3989-1:

During inspection by Biological Containment Specialist Dr. Marshall Grant on 19/06/2015, 19 instances of SCP-3989-██ spontaneously appeared beyond the perimeter of the active zone and proceeded to dismantle primary containment. Dr. Grant initiated containment breach alarm but received no response from assets within Area-126. An unknown number of security assets on-site proceeded to release all biological anomalies in permanent containment: 2 instances of SCP-3989-██ and 47 instances of SCP-3989-██. A firefight ensued wherein 30 Area-126 personnel were terminated, as well as 15 members of the Biological Containment inspection team. Foundation MTF assets in Damascus were scrambled, and successfully terminated all 21 instances of SCP-3989-██ outside of containment. 25 tagged instances of SCP-3989-██ were recovered from the bodies of Area-126 personnel, the rest remain unaccounted for. Containment procedures are currently under review by Dr. Grant.

Addendum 3989-2:

SCP-3989 has been upgraded to a "Keter" class anomaly. Biosafety Level 4 precautions are in effect to prevent future infestations of SCP-3989-██ within Area-126. New containment procedures complete as of 05/07/2015. Additional information is accessible only to personnel with L4 general or SCP-3989 project specific clearance.

Personnel able to perceive this message are authorized to access the remainder of this document. If you are reading this and have not been inoculated via agent IH-3989-B, please contact Dr. Sahir Ywakim immediately to verify your clearance. Failure to do so may result in permanent cognitive impairment. Please note that inoculation does not lift all redactions for all readers.

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