Nothing freshens up a room quite like human screaming.

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The following documents have been archived for historical reference. The current documentation for SCP-3987 is located in the fourth tab.


Item #: SCP-3987 Level 3/3987
Object Class: Safe Classified

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-48 Dir. Linda Lutz Rs. Samuel Celi N/A


SCP-3987 at the time of recovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3987 is to be kept in a soundproof containment locker at Site-48. Hearing protection is to be worn by personnel when activating SCP-3987.

Description: SCP-3987 is a black Zannis1 brand air purifier, model R-350. When activated, SCP-3987 will begin to exert a vocal exclamation in a masculine human voice. The volume of the exclamation directly correlates with the fan speed of SCP-3987: The higher the fan speed, the higher the volume.

The exclamations are constant, and will not cease until power is cut from SCP-3987. The device will perform its expected air purification duties to a level consistent with non-anomalous Zannis R-350 models.

The source of the exclamation from within SCP-3987 has not been discovered. Dismantling of its components did not reveal any recording or playback devices. The phenomenon has not been replicated in other air purifiers of the same model.

Discovery: SCP-3987 was discovered during routine social media surveillance of the San Joaquin area of California, USA. A video was discovered on June 18, 2014 of a civilian filming SCP-3987 exclaiming in their residence. Foundation personnel confiscated SCP-3987 from the civilian, and Class-B amnestics were administered. SCP-3987 was taken to Site-48 for containment and study.

Addendum: On June 23, 2014, Researcher Samuel Celi was admitted into the Site-48 medical center after he reported hearing a persistent auditory hallucination. He recognized the noise as exclamation similar to SCP-3987. Researcher Celi was administered Class-C amnestics and made a full recovery.

During a subsequent interview, Researcher Celi reported that the hallucination started on June 19, 2014, the same day as the arrival of SCP-3987 to Site-48. Researcher Celi expressed that the volume of the auditory hallucination increased over time. It is of note that Researcher Celi was not assigned to the research or containment of SCP-3987 at any prior date.

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