And the heavenly-ordained armies grew tired of their wandering, and sought an end to their travels.

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Item #: SCP-3986

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Chi-99 "Ancestral Voices Prophesying War", has been established to locate SCP-3986. The area of search has been narrowed down to Mongolia, Xinjiang, Kazakhstan and parts of southern Russia. Chi-99 is employing a number of unconventional methods of detection, including extensive use of Hume detection, neutrino cannon, and large-scale interviews with locals.

Any extant copies of the Altan Debter, A Description of the Mongolian Peoples, Divan-e Afshar, Recitations of Lakshmi Rao, The Construction of Xanadu and Voyages in Russia and Turkestan discovered are to be acquired by the Foundation immediately.

Description: SCP-3986 refers to a hypothetically extant mountain, with an unknown location somewhere in Inner Asia. SCP-3986's existence is not confirmed and is conjectured from a small number of textual sources ranging from the 13th to the 20th century. Despite some deviances and apparently not drawing upon one another, these sources all describe a remarkably consistent landscape with several apparently anomalous attributes.

The sources agree that SCP-3986 is in the centre of a flat steppe, highly visible due to the lack of surrounding elevation. The mountain's size is difficult to ascertain, but is uniformly described as being coloured like cobalt or having cobalt stairs. These stairs have been cut into the side of the mountain, winding around its circumference several times and providing a path from the ground to the peak. At the top of the mountain is a large observatory; here, the sources are inconsistent, each describing the observatory as if it belonged to their period and culture.

The only consistent points of observation concerning the observatory are the presence of a large number of multinational inhabitants, and the presence of a large central courtyard of the complex, in the centre of which is the body of the Mongol emperor Genghis Khan. The body is located in a grave, covered in a sheet of glass; the type and colour of this glass vary according to the observer. The body is reportedly in a state of perfect preservation.

Despite its hypothetical state, the testimony of Foundation operative John Callaghan in conjunction with the earlier reports has been deemed sufficient to provide SCP-3986 with a designation in the Foundation database. On six occasions prior to Dr. Nicholas Cartwright's death in 1999, petitions were filed to reclassify it as an explained item; these requests were all denied. The evidence gathered at the time of Dr. Cartwright's death have led to a moratorium on petitions for an explained status, although this may be subject to change at a later date.

The relevant extracts from the six sources describing SCP-3986 are below, translated into English when appropriate.

Addendum 1: On 09/12/1999, Dr. Nicholas Cartwright, project lead on SCP-3986 from 1969 to 1984, died in his sleep. A small note was left to the Foundation with contents pertaining to SCP-3986; a transcript is as follows.

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