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Item #: SCP-3985

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-262 is to be constructed for containment of SCP-3985. All non-aerial avenues of ingress are to be obstructed or destroyed following site construction. All records containing the exact location of Site-262 are to be removed from Foundation systems, and all vehicles transporting personnel or resources to Site-262 are to have tracking systems disengaged prior to departure. Site-262 is to operate permanently at alert level 9.

A sensory deprivation chamber is to be maintained within Site-262 for the continuous containment of SCP-3985 via immobilization harness. The harness is to be fitted with feeds for intravenous drug administration, nutrition provision, and waste disposal. A record is to be maintained of all changes in the appearance of SCP-3985 and all vocalizations made by SCP-3985 over the course of containment.

Protocol COMMANDMENT NOON is to be executed in the event that SCP-3985 vocalizes more frequently than a total of ten minutes per 24 hour period or refers to itself in the first person while vocalizing. The Overseer Council is to be immediately notified through secure communication channels if protocol COMMANDMENT NOON results fall below key thresholds listed in associated documentation.

Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 3985-A (Notable Static Features of SCP-3985):

  • Cellulose mass integrated into intestinal tract. Origin and function unknown.
  • Functional nictitating membrane in both ocular systems.
  • Apparently vestigial fifth heart chamber.
  • Microfractures throughout the skeletal structure. Likely a result of physical violence.
  • Large accumulations of scar tissues across torso and limbs. Likely a result of physical violence.
  • Absence of smallest two fingers on left hand. Damage likely inflicted by human teeth.

Addendum 3985-B (Protocol COMMANDMENT NOON):

Overseer credentials accepted.

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Partial Communication Record (August 19, 2072):

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