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Item#: 3981
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Special Containment Procedures: The Mullen-Medina Protocol is to be enforced daily by SCP-3981's Regulation Team. Researcher Edward Mullen is to interview SCP-3981 once every 2 days to preserve its docile behavior. Mullen must be accompanied by SCP-3981's individual of interest during all interviews.

SCP-3981 presently occupies a Type 7L standard containment cell at Site-93.1 SCP-3981's cell is comprised of two layers of reinforced tungsten. To regulate the Mullen-Medina Protocol, Foundation Operative Gas Pumps are attached to the top corners of the second layer of the cell.

Regarding diet, SCP-3981 does not consume a healthy amount of food/drink. As such, frequently ingesting sound quantities should be routinely encouraged by offering rewards for fulfilling the aforementioned.

Description: SCP-3981 is a massive terrestrial entity that maintains a rough height of 16m and a weight of approximately 20,411 kg. SCP-3981 is presumably a descendant of the genus Mammuthus based on observed similarities between the two. In contrast to Mammuthus-descended creatures, SCP-3981 is bipedal and bears humanoid hands proportionate to its physical dimensions. SCP-3981 is entirely enveloped in thick, dark brown hair with the exception of its fingers and toes. SCP-3981's skin is heavily durable and protected under several of layers of fur. This is proven to be the source of its enhanced resilience to lasting physical trauma.

SCP-3981 is entirely blind and severely deaf in both ears. Protruding from its cranium are its "tusks," which, instead of serving orthodontic purposes, act as auxiliary sense organs for other beings in proximity. The tip of both tusks produces an incorporeal electromagnetic interaction that allows SCP-3981 to perceive and distinguish objects within a 10m radius. However, its left tusk is partially fractured as a result of an attempted containment breach.2

SCP-3981 cannot verbally communicate but is capable of conversing fluently in American Sign Language and Morse Code. SCP-3981 creates noise such as tapping with its hands, slapping itself, and jumping and/or stomping for means of discussion through Morse Code.

Generally, SCP-3981 is very irritable toward other creatures, however, also tends to keep its composure while in the presence of a randomly-selected entity. Since its containment in 1971, SCP-3981 has been compulsively attached to three separate beings, who are listed below:

  • Anthony McKinney3 (1971-1971)
  • Brandon Hitchfield4 (1971-1975)
  • Everett Reeves5 (1975-present)

Addendum 3981-01: Discovery

SCP-3981 was discovered in the winter of 1971 in Eureka, Nunavut, after a group of two cave explorers fell into an expansive tunnel system underneath a local village. After landing, they reported hearing "heavy" footsteps emerging from one of the tunnels. The two explorers, Joshua and Terry Tenorman, compared the sounds of the steps to that of boulders scraping across a surface.


Joshua Tenorman, circa 1987.

When found by SCP-3981, it had initially moved to lift Terry but paused after it observed her leg injury from the earlier landing. Instead, SCP-3981 alternatively attempted to aid Terry by "awkwardly" rubbing her leg. Joshua, carrying a first aid kit, was capable of treating her injury shortly following the first encounter.

Over the next few days, the two explorers remained underground with no sources of food or water available to them. SCP-3981 noticed the lack of resources and promptly left the two unattended in order to search for samples to provide. Subsequently, the Tenormans briskly established a tunnel upwards to the original cave system. Following their escape, they traveled to the nearby village and reported SCP-3981, providing video footage as evidence of their discovery.

The Foundation swiftly secured SCP-3981 following an immense effort to contain it. The Tenormans' report was downplayed by the police as "a hoax" and they were both individually provided with Class-B amnestics.

Addendum 3981-02: The Mullen-Medina Protocol

On January 27th, 1972, Head Researcher Edward Mullen and Assistant Researcher Rosario Medina formally arranged the Mullen-Medina Protocol, an operation intended to regulate SCP-3981's indignant behavior. Foundation-produced gas pumps6 were promptly fabricated to affect SCP-3981 during periods of distress but were soon altered to be administered daily.

The Mullen-Medina Protocol was first proposed on January 12th, 1972, after both Mullen and Medina noticed SCP-3981's arbitrarily obsessive demeanor toward unrelated entities. To provide sufficient evidence for its feasible benefits, Mullen recorded a series of 5 total initiations of the protocol over the span of three days. A transcript of the logs is provided below:

In a 7-2 vote across the administration of Site-93, the Mullen-Medina Protocol was successfully implemented into SCP-3981's standard containment procedures.

Addendum 3981-03: Interviews With Affected Individuals

SCP-3981's favoring attitude brought about respective interviews with both Brandon Hitchfield and Everett Reeves, two preferred personnel. The interview log is as follows:

Interview 1/2


Junior Researcher Brandon Hitchfield in 1970.

Date: 08/10/1975

Interviewer: Dr. Edward Mullen

Interviewee: Brandon Hitchfield

Dr. Mullen: Hitchfield, yes?

Hitchfield: C'mon Ed, you know me.

Dr. Mullen: Ahh, I'm just messin' with you! Of course I know you, I remember when you were this little!

Hitchfield: Seems like you only got shorter with time, eh?

Dr. Mullen: Y'know your dad, bless his soul, absolutely loved the big guy we're gonna talk about. You remember 3981, right?

Hitchfield: Yes. Seems like he never loved my dad back, though.

Dr. Mullen: That's what we're here to talk about. Do you ever notice how close it tries to get to you? I mean, whenever you enter the room, do you see how it reacts?

Hitchfield: Well, I've never paid much attention to it. It used to scare me a few years back, now it's kind of just there, really. It's hard to care about something that can't even see me and prefers to make obnoxious noises like a neanderthal to get my attention. Quite annoying, actually.

Dr. Mullen: Really? You seem to be much different from your father in this sense.

Hitchfield: I'm much different from him in a lot of ways. I don't even look like him, more so my mother. I'm not a pet person that everyone walks over like him; I keep to myself. I've never really liked things that were in my face repetitively, perhaps that's why I blocked the monkey thing out of my sight.

Dr. Mullen: SCP-3981?

Hitchfield: Yes.

Dr. Mullen: So, during training hours, you never really interacted with it?

Hitchfield: Absolutely not. I like subtle anomalies, not wild beasts.

Dr. Mullen: I see. We initially thought that perhaps it gets attached based off of encounters with the people it favors. For you at least, that's not the case.

Hitchfield: Things like this drive me away from the job. And I'm no "bigshot researcher" that the Foundation would put somewhere else due to my personal preference. They don't care. I'm in this because of my dad. I'm actually on the verge of leaving nowadays.

Dr. Mullen: Leaving?

Hitchfield: Mhm. I don't necessarily like this job the way I used to when I first stepped in. I wish I was like that janitor that's in the beast's cell every day. He looks so happy with his job. With what they have me doing, I don't have any ambition to keep going, Ed. I'm sorry.

Dr. Mullen: I know who you're talking about. Everett is his name. Everett Reeves, if I recall correctly.

Hitchfield: If you wanted to interview someone who likes being here, you probably should've just gone to him. I'm thinking about my 2 weeks' notice if I'm being truthful. Don't think it's just the ape that got me to this point, it's just one of the many factors in play.

Dr. Mullen: Well, I'm sorry. Brandon, it's been nice working with you for this long. I hope we can see each other outside of my duties here at the Foundation.

Hitchfield: I may not remember you, as they'll put me on amnestics without a doubt. But, give me a call to make sure I still have you in my mind. I think that's all for now.

Dr. Mullen nods his head. The interview log concludes.

On August 30th, 1975, Junior Researcher Brandon Hitchfield resigned from his position at the Foundation. The absence of Hitchfield seemed to greatly impact SCP-3981, as it refused to eat or sleep over the next few months. However, within these months, SCP-3981 gradually formed a friendly relationship with the previously mentioned Everett Reeves.

Addendum 3981-04: Medina Appointment Transcript/Interview with SCP-3981

Appointment with Medina Transcript

Date: 02/07/1979

Persons Involved: Head Researcher Edward Mullen/Assistant Researcher Rosario Medina

Dr. Medina: What do you need? Anything on 3981's containment or the protocol?

Dr. Mullen: No, actually. I don't feel like sugarcoating this, so uh: I think I wanna cancel it.


Rosario Medina, 1960.

Dr. Medina: The-

Dr. Medina pauses momentarily.

Dr. Medina: The protocol?

Dr. Mullen: Yes. The protocol. I'm getting rid of it.

Dr. Medina: Why? Ed, it's going perfectly for us. We have everything we need to keep it in containment, everything is working out! Why do you wanna stop that?

Dr. Mullen: Rose, look. You have to look at it from a moral perspective-

Dr. Medina: Moral perspective?! You realize where we are, right? Why are your morals getting in the way of what's right? Not just for us, but for the rest of humanity?

Dr. Mullen: "Rest of humanity," okay. Got it.

Dr. Medina: Are you serious? Yes, Head Researcher of Operations, please enlighten me on how morals play any kind of part when it comes to saving the world.

Dr. Mullen: You are exaggerating to high hell, Rose.

Dr. Medina: How?! Look, when we enforce this protocol, everything works. Everything is fine, nothing bad happens-

Dr. Mullen: Really? Nothing bad happens? Look at how the damn thing acts when it gets gassed! Do you think that's okay? You don't think there's a better way to look at this whole thing?

Dr. Medina: I suppose you also think we should let this beast out of its cell, too, right?

Dr. Mullen: Well, maybe that might be better than the shit that we already caused!

Medina briefly stops responding, then begins to talk again.

Dr. Medina: Did Reeves do this to you? A goddamn janitor that doesn't know a thing about containment? What happened?

Dr. Mullen: What happened?! What happened to this, Rose?! Yeah, I do have human emotions. And maybe I was just too blind to see it at the beginning but I didn't know what kind of pain I would inflict! And yeah, maybe Reeves did show me how a person with feelings should function! I refuse to hold this damn thing bound by these machines!

Dr. Mullen puts his head onto his knuckles.

Dr. Mullen: Rose, I tried. I really did. I even tried releasing the gas to maybe see if it would change how I felt somehow. It didn't. I've been feeling this since before Reeves even came into the picture. Years. This has been on my mind for years, Rose. I'm ending it. This is over. We're changing it somehow. Or maybe we won't have one. But I won't drug its brain anymore. I will show it that I don't hate it. I'll prove to you that morals do matter.

Dr. Medina: How?

Dr. Mullen: I'll interview it by myself. Without Reeves. Unless you wanna come with and help, that's how it will be.

10 seconds of silence pass.

Dr. Mullen: I'll see you later, then.

The meeting concludes as Dr. Edward Mullen exits the room.

Interview with SCP-3981

Date: 02/07/1979

Context: Several minutes after the scheduled appointment between Head Researcher Edward Mullen and Assistant Researcher Rosario Medina, Mullen set foot in SCP-3981's cell following an intentional deactivation of all security measures. Mullen communicated with SCP-3981 via American Sign Language. A transcript for the observed camera footage is provided below:


SCP-3981 sits relaxed in the northwest corner of its cell. Dr. Mullen enters from the southeast corner and slowly approaches it, taking quiet steps.

Dr. Mullen: [SCP-3981. It's time for your appointment.]

SCP-3981 leisurely looks up in Dr. Mullen's direction. It moves to lie down on its stomach.

Dr. Mullen: [You see my fingers, yes?]


Dr. Mullen: [Reeves?]


Dr. Mullen: [He's not here. In fact, I spoke with him 2 days ago about you.]


Dr. Mullen: [He told me a story about his times in the war, and that I need to show you more love, 3981.]

SCP-3981 does not move its fingers to respond. SCP-3981 itches the skin by its right tusk.

Dr. Mullen: [Listen, 3981, I never wanted you in pain. I never did. I wanted to keep you calm. Those were always my intentions. We never meant any harm to you.]


Dr. Mullen: [She's gone. I spoke with her right before I came in here. I've canceled the gas. They won't hurt you anymore.]

SCP-3981: [OK.]

Dr. Mullen: [Are you happy? You didn't like the gas, did you?]

SCP-3981 scratches its nose and does not respond.

Dr. Mullen: [3981? Are you happy? We got rid of them for you. You won't have to deal with them anymore, I promise.]

SCP-3981 still does not answer.

Dr. Mullen: [Since we set these pumps up, I've felt nothing but guilt when I looked at you, 3981. I never wanted you to be hurt, and I've been living with that for years. You don't deserve it.]

SCP-3981 gently stands up.

Dr. Mullen: [You don't deserve pain.]

SCP-3981 saunters toward Dr. Mullen and stops in front of him.

Dr. Mullen: [I'm sorry.]

SCP-3981 forcefully slams its foot atop Dr. Mullen. When SCP-3981 lifts its foot up again, Dr. Mullen's disfigured, mutilated body is seen remaining on the ground. SCP-3981 subsequently sits down next to Dr. Mullen's corpse and taps on his skull.

SCP-3981 (In Morse Code): [I'M OKAY.]


Immediately after Addendum 3981-04, Rosario Medina was promoted to Head Researcher of SCP-3981's Operations. As such, the Mullen-Medina Protocol remained in effect.

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