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Item #: SCP-3976

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers and personnel are to monitor media channels for any signs of an SCP-3976 manifestation. Once detected, containment and security personnel under the guise of UK national law enforcement are to be dispatched to the site of SCP-3976 to secure a perimeter and investigate the manifestation.

Description: SCP-3976 is the collective term for a series of manifestations of apparent murder scenes of famous mystery writer Agatha Christie1. Thus far, every SCP-3976 instance has been located in rural England, and all components of each instance have been limited to a 50-meter radius. Additionally, every instance has appeared between the hours of 22:31 and 08:36, local time, although no records or witnesses of a manifestation event exist.

Each SCP-3976 instance consists of the following components:

  • A copy of the corpse of Agatha Christie2, designated SCP-3976. In each recorded instance, the corpse shows signs of violent struggle or murder.
  • Several items in some way related to murder. For instance, a murder weapon such as a gun or knife, or a personal artifact, such as a piece of jewelry or a diary.

In no recorded SCP-3976 instance have there been any witnesses to a killing.

Notable Recorded Instances:

Instance Date & Location State of Corpse Artifacts Notes
SCP-3976-1 March 30, 2001, Stoodleigh. A corpse was found in the kitchen of an occupied two-story house. Corpse had two gunshot wounds, one in the stomach and the other in the chest. A revolver, from which two shots had been fired, laid on the ground next to the body. The corpse had a small piece of paper with the word "TEETH" hastily scrawled in what was later determined to be charcoal. First recorded SCP-3976 instance. As a result, it was investigated as a murder by local police and later Foundation forensic personnel.
SCP-3976-5 September 22, 2007, Broad Chalke. A corpse was found in the back room of a local grocery. Corpse contained no visible signs of trauma, but forensic analysis determined that it contained high levels of arsenic. A sandwich with a bite taken out of it was found on the floor next to the corpse. In addition, a small golden ring was found in the sandwich. News of the manifestation reached local media before Foundation intervention, requiring a medium-scale cover-up scheme.
SCP-3976-11 March 12, 2011, outside Templecombe. The corpse was found in an abandoned tool shed. Corpse was found with a chisel driven into its heart. A cell phone was found next to the corpse, with a contact list filled with various dentists. The window closest to the corpse had shattered outwards. A follow-up investigation into each of the dentists led to no further results.
SCP-3976-18 January 5, 2018, Site 112. A corpse was found in the office of Dr. Sipai. Corpse was wearing a standard-issue Foundation lab coat, and had identification for one "Dr. Christie"3. Its skull cavity was found to be filled with teeth. A trail of muddy footprints leading into a solid wall was found adjacent to the body. The lab coat was found to have a toothbrush in one of its pockets. Security camera footage is missing from 01:23 to 1:25 on the day of the event. In response to this event, all UK-based Foundation sites have been briefed on SCP-3976.

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