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Item #: SCP-3972

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Researcher Alyx Romana’s film is currently the only non-infohazardous method of storing information relating to SCP-3972’s effect. The film is to be screened to all members of Mobile Task Forces assigned to investigations of both Vytas Andressen’s disappearance and the Slovenian National Society for the Preservation of Vakarinė’s Works, the group that has claimed responsibility for SCP-3972.

Biographical information regarding Vytas Andressen is to be deleted from Foundation computers after being stored in three redundant offices available only to personnel immune to Category Lambda-7 infohazardous effect with Level 3972-1 clearance.

Personnel are not to take screenshots of, extract portions of, or transcribe the film below without authorization from a Site Director.

Researcher Romana is to update the below film in the event new information regarding SCP-3972 must be communicated to Foundation personnel. Instructional classes in video editing were requested by Researcher Romana and approved by Human Resources.

Description: See film.

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