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Site of first recorded SCP-3971 manifestation.

Item #: SCP-3971

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3971 has been welded shut in its frame. Signage for utility closet SB3-117a has been replaced with an "Out of Order" sign. Site-178 staff have been advised that materials previously contained in utility closet SB3-117a have been relocated to utility closet SB3-117d.

Description: SCP-3971 is a gray steel core door measuring 1981mm x 915mm x 45mm with a lever-style door handle. Construction of the door conforms to ISO 3008:2007 for Fire Resistance. Samples taken from SCP-3971 show no anomalous content.

Opening SCP-3971 leads into SCP-3971-1, a 3m x 3m x 3m extradimensional space which is generated regardless of the geometry of the containing structure. SCP-3971-1 contains a black plate marked "Utility" and a wall clock on the north wall. The hour hand on the wall clock is completely encased in a metallic crystalline solid1. All instances display the same layout; objects left behind in previous manifestations are selectively present.

SCP-3971 has only been observed to manifest on south-facing walls within man-made structures. SCP-3971 can manifest on an unobstructed wall, or replace an existing doorway. Replaced doorways only open into SCP-3971-1 when entered from the south.

Once SCP-3971 manifests, it will remain in place until a living human being enters SCP-3971-1 and closes SCP-3971. Once closed, SCP-3971 instantaneously demanifests from its current location. The occupant is considered irrecoverable at this point. SCP-3971 will then remanifest at a random suitable location. The interval between manifestations is unknown. Research is ongoing to determine if there is a pattern to the location of SCP-3971 manifestations. SCP-3971 is currently manifested within Site-176, in place of utility closet SB3-117a.

SCP-3971 received formal designation following Exploration 3971-A. Classification of SCP-3971 resulted in the closure of ██ Extranormal Event investigations. There have been ███ confirmed manifestations of SCP-3971.

As of 2018/05/01, SCP-3971 has been reclassified to Safe at the recommendation of Lead Research Talman.

Partial Listing of Confirmed Manifestations of SCP-3971

Exploration 3971-A

Addendum: RE: SCP-3971 Test Plan

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