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Item #: SCP-3967

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Testing on SCP-3967 is not to be carried out except with the written consent of no less than two Level 3 clearance personnel assigned to the project.

Excepting periods of testing, SCP-3967 is to remain disconnected from any source of power, with the magnetic data storage tape disconnected and held in a climate-controlled containment facility.

Any response cards collected during testing are to be logged and stored in a secured locker.

Description: SCP-3967 is a MW-288 model computing device built in 1967 by the Mazursky Computing Company, utilizing a variant of the Tehlirian-Cassidy utility-maximization algorithm.

When operating, SCP-3967 is capable of answering verbal questions regarding optimal courses of action regarding the well-being of the operator or the community of the operator. No audio recording or measuring device has been found in the circuitry of SCP-3967. SCP-3967 does not contain internal sensors, nor does it appear to have any means of collecting external data for analysis. The origins of these capabilities are unclear.

SCP-3967 provides responses in the form of answers printed on 15 cm x 20 cm card stock, deposited in a receptacle located on the outside of the unit casing. Response cards provided by SCP-3967 have not been observed to have any compulsive or memetic effect. All responses received since containment have been in the form of impersonal commands, and have not included either first or second person pronouns.

SCP-3967 was discovered in a dedicated room in the main building of the New Sunshine Commune, a community of 157 persons established in Pollensbee, CA, in 1968. During containment, it was determined that SCP-3967 was powered by a generator that had been modified to run on flax seed oil.

According to log sheets, between 1968 and 1971, SCP-3967 was operated by ██████ ████ Addison and ████████ Moonbeam (née Burnley), two members of the New Sunshine Commune.

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