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Item #: SCP-3964

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3964 has been walled off by the Foundation and all records of its existence have been removed. A small space beneath SCP-3964 has been excavated and converted into Site-██-B with access available only to authorized personnel.

All personnel assigned to Site-██-B must first pass a psychiatric screening1 before being permitted access to the site. Anyone who has not undergone the screening process is barred from Site-██-B unless permitted otherwise by the Senior Researcher for testing purposes. Re-screenings are mandatory and must be given once every two weeks to avoid incident, or if there is cause to believe additional screenings are necessary; at which time the suspected personnel(s) will be redirected to the psych ward to be evaluated.

A therapist must be available on-site at all times.

Direct access to SCP-3964 must be monitored at all times.

In the event that an unauthorized personnel or civilian enters Site-██-B, they are to be detained and administered a Class-A amnestic. They may then be released back into the public. If they manage to gain access to SCP-3964, depending if anomalous activity is observed and subject survives, amnestics Classes A through D are authorized for use after detainment and debriefing. They may then be released back into the public.

███████ Community College and its library will remain open for the perceivable future. No anomalous activities have been observed outside of the western library stairwell. Nonetheless, the eastern stairwell, and in extension, all stairwells present on campus, are to be kept under constant surveillance.

Description: SCP-3964 is a library stairwell, located at ███████ Community College, that functions as designed under normal circumstances. When any person with a prior history of significant suicidal ideation (henceforth referred to as an SCP-3964-2 instance) enters SCP-3964, it will activate and transport the SCP-3964-2 instance to SCP-3964-1. Individuals without suicidal thoughts and tendencies will pass through SCP-3964 without incident.

SCP-3964-1 is a pocket dimension consisting of a single stairwell, without a discovered exit. No lower or upper limit to SCP-3964-1 has been found. When an individual enters SCP-3964-1, they will remain in the extradimensional space until they choose to jump from the railing of the stairwell. In most cases, this results in the SCP-3964-2 instance to fall to their death. To date, there have been █ recorded exceptions to this rule.

SCP-3964-1 contains the means to indefinitely sustain basic human needs. Each floor is equipped with a bathroom, water fountain, and a snack vending machine. Vending machines operate normally and still require monetary input to dispense product. Instances of SCP-3964-2 have been recorded to use blunt force to break the protective glass to obtain food in the absence of money.

Time within SCP-3964-1 behaves in an inconsistent manner. The amount of time experienced by instances of SCP-3964-2 within the extradimensional space does not appear to correlate with the amount of time they are perceived to spend on the stairwell by outside observers. Additionally, testing has revealed physical signs of aging relative to the amount of time perceived by SCP-3964-2 instances, as opposed to expected aging rates in normal spacetime.

Addendum.1: The first record of anomalous behavior is traced to [DATA EXPUNGED] after the opening of the campus. It is unknown whether this incident was the cause of or a consequence of SCP-3964. The civilian student involved had jumped to his death from the top of the stairwell. The cause of death was severe head trauma, consistent with a fall of 25 meters2. Investigation revealed a history of depression.

Similar cases followed for ██ years after the initial incident. Witnesses describe the suicides as “spontaneous” and “unexpected”, but the Foundation had no evidence to suspect that this might be a site of an anomaly. After several years, SCP-3964 was being referred to as the "Suicide Staircase" by the student body.

SCP-3964 first came to the attention of the Foundation following Incident-3964-1. A caucasian woman (designated SCP-3964-2-A) was observed to have used SCP-3964 to walk from the first floor to the second landing where she then jumped and landed unharmed on the floor below. In attempts to describe the experience to others a field agent assigned to the area learned of the SCP-3964-2-A's experience within SCP-3964-1 and notified the Foundation. SCP-3964-2-A was then detained, debriefed, and given a Class-C amnestic before release. A notebook recording her experiences of her time in SCP-3964-1 was collected for study along with her cellphone and other belonging. Afterwards, the Foundation bricked off SCP-3964 and built Site-██-B.

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