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SCP-3962 following initial acquisition, displaying the bald eagle head manifestation

Item #: SCP-3962

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3962 is to be held in a standard containment locker at Site-17, and may only be removed for testing purposes by personnel of Level 3 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-3962 is a flute composed of cedarwood measuring 66 centimeters in length. SCP-3962 is believed to have originated from the Dene'gohida1 people between 700 and 300 BCE.

SCP-3962’s anomalous properties manifest when it is used to play certain musical pieces. 10 pieces capable of inducing these properties have been discovered (see Addendum 3962.2), each taking between 20 and 50 seconds to play. Once an individual (hereafter referred to as the subject), completes one of these pieces, a wooden animal head of variable appearance will manifest at the head of SCP-3962. The species of the animal head manifested is dependent on which piece is played.

Upon the completion of the musical piece, the subject will temporarily gain certain abilities relating to the animal head manifested. The subject will not undergo any physical alterations during this process, but will gain abilities that anatomically normal humans would not naturally be capable of. For example, the performance of the musical piece associated with the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) manifestation grants subjects the ability to fly by rapidly waving their arms despite lacking wings and feathers. These effects generally last between 20 and 30 minutes, after which the subject will lose their anomalous abilities, and the wooden animal head will dematerialize.

SCP-3962 was donated to the ████████████ Museum of Natural History by an unknown benefactor on 02/08/1979, where it remained until 05/12/2015 when it was forcefully abducted by PoI-3962-12. This was when SCP-3962’s anomalous properties were first observed, as PoI-3962-1 used the bald eagle manifestation to aerially escape capture. After 4 days of pursuit, SCP-3962 and PoI-3962-1 were successfully apprehended by Foundation personnel.

Addendum 3962.1: Interview Log 05/17/2015

Forward: The following interview was conducted shortly after PoI-3962-1’s apprehension in order to ascertain his relationship to SCP-3962, as well as the nature of SCP-3962’s anomalous properties. Due to PoI-3962-1’s refusal to speak to any researcher not of Native American ancestry, Dr. Locklear3 was assigned to perform this interview and all subsequent testing involving SCP-3962 and PoI-3962-1.

Dr. Locklear: Good afternoon, Mr. Brooks.

PoI-3962-1: [pauses] You're one of my people?

Dr. Locklear: Not exactly. My ancestors were from the Cherokee nation, and from what I understand you are a descendant of the Dene'gohida people.

PoI-3962-1: [shrugs] Agasesdi extends his hand to you regardless. We are all united in our mission.

Dr. Locklear: I see, and who is this Agasesdi?

PoI-3962-1: Agasesdi, 'The Watcher'. He is the spirit who protects and embodies my people. [PoI-3962-1 gestures to its left]

Dr. Locklear: I see. Does this Agasesdi have anything to do with your attempt to steal this item? [Dr. Locklear shows a photograph of SCP-3962]

PoI-3962-1: You can't steal what is rightfully yours. I thought a brother such as yourself would understand that. This flute was created by Agasesdi as a gift to my people, as a way for us to summon him and the other spirits, so that they may impart their gifts on us in times of need. Taking it back from those soulless collectors was the only way to further our mission.

Dr. Locklear: And what is this mission, exactly?

PoI-3962-1: To revive the glory of the Dene'gohida people. Right now, I am Agasesdi's only connection to this world. He is weak, nearly dying, and bound solely to my presence. But by teaching the secrets of the flute to other indigenous people, the Dene'gohida nation will be reborn. We will drive out those who took what was is ours, and Agasesdi's presence will once again cover every corner of our land.

Dr. Locklear: I see. I believe that is all the time we have for today, unfortunately. Would you be willing to meet with me again at a later date and teach me how to use the flute?

PoI-3962-1: Gladly. I will spread all of Agasesdi's knowledge onto you, and you will be the first in a new generation of my people! With you working on the inside, we will dismantle this organization of conquerors, and all other organizations like it, in the name of Agasesdi!


EDIT: Dr. Locklear has stated that he has no intention of working toward PoI-3962-1's goals. However, in order to maintain cooperation, Dr. Locklear has been ordered to neither confirm or deny his support of Agasesdi's mission when conversing with PoI-3962-1. PoI-3962-1 will meet with Dr. Locklear on a weekly basis and give instructions on the proper use of SCP-3962.

Addendum 3962.2: SCP-3962 Experiment Log

The following musical pieces were performed by D-Class personnel using instructions gathered from PoI-3962-1 by Dr. Locklear. Each song has been given an alphabetical designation.

Designation Song Title Organism Displayed Results
SCP-3962-A Wotjou'san Ugisadv Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) Subject exhibited the ability of flight, as well as increased incisiveness of the fingers and toes (no anatomical differences to the sharpness of these digits were noted) Subject made vocalizations resembling those of an eagle.
SCP-3962-B Muwin Ulanigida Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos) Subject displayed increased strength, increased incisiveness of fingers and toes.
SCP-3962-C Ayohihv Ayohuhisdi Maxa'xak Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) The subject was asked to bite into a domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus), which was inserted into the testing chamber. The goat developed lethal thrombosis and renal failure, and died shortly thereafter4.
SCP-3962-D Kamama Gola Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) No traits manifested. Subject experienced debilitating migraines for 27 minutes.
SCP-3962-E Tsula Galegv Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Subject displayed increased speed and agility, increased olfactory sensitivity, the ability to climb rough vertical surfaces such as trees.
SCP-3962-F Awi Usdi Gatsanula Elk (Cervus canadensis) Subject displayed increased strength, speed, and agility.
SCP-3962-G Piasa Asegi Unknown. Appears to be a humanoid with antlers and an enlarged lower jaw. No traits manifested. Subject experienced debilitating migraines for 29 minutes.
SCP-3962-H Atalesdi Cipelahq Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) Subject exhibited the ability of flight, as well as increased nocturnal vision and increased incisiveness of fingers and toes.
SCP-3962-I Gaasyendietha Atsilv Unknown. Appears to be a horned reptilian organism. No traits manifested. Subject experienced debilitating migraines for 26 minutes.
SCP-3962-J Agasesdi Dene'gohida Human male (Homo sapiens). Head appears to be frowning. Subject was unresponsive to external stimuli for 28 minutes. Following the event, the subject recalled experiencing the collective memories of several individuals from the Dene'gohida tribe. These memories covered several generations of Dene'gohida history, starting in approximately 2,300 BCE and ending with the birth of PoI-3962-1. The subject also displayed detailed knowledge of the Dene'gohida language, as well as certain religious and medicinal practices performed only by the Dene'gohida people.

Addendum 3962.2: Incident Report 08/26/2015

On 08/26/2015, during a meeting between PoI-3962-1 and Dr. Locklear, PoI-3962-1 performed a musical piece on SCP-3962 that it claimed to have not yet demonstrated. However, PoI-3962-1 instead performed SCP-3962-B. Before this discrepancy could be noticed, PoI-3962-1 used the resultant abilities to incapacitate the security personnel stationed within the cell. PoI-3962-1 then pinned Dr. Locklear to the southern wall of the cell, shouting numerous expletives and claiming that Dr. Locklear had betrayed him by "teaching the songs of the spirits to [their] oppressors". Dr. Locklear sustained only minor injuries during this conflict. PoI-3962-1 exited the cell shortly thereafter, utilizing multiple SCP-3962 musical pieces to evade capture for 2 hours and 54 minutes before being successfully detained by armed security personnel.

While being escorted back to his containment cell, PoI-3962-1 whispered something inaudibly to his left, then bit into his right forearm. PoI-3962-1 is believed to have been under the effects of SCP-3962-C during this time, as he died from lethal thrombosis shortly thereafter. PoI-3962-1's remains were observed to be non-anomalous and were buried in an undisclosed location. Following this incident, it was discovered that performing the musical piece designated SCP-3962-J no longer activated its original effects, instead inducing severe migraines in test subjects for 20 to 30 minutes.

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