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That terminal in 362, sublevel 6 is still locked. Why we even have an unregistered personal computer in 01 is beyond me, and it needs to be addressed.

Seriously though, get someone from IT down here and take care of it. We are the largest data reliquary for the entire Foundation. We don't need anything to go wrong here.

Fix it.

Site Director A. Phillips


Sent one of the techs down there the other day, said the computer was locked with level 5 multifactor authentication.

What the hell is it doing down there? If the data on there is so highly sensitive, no one would have just signed off on leaving where it was. I honestly would have just tossed the thing.

Just keep it running for now. It isn't hurting anyone.

Sr. Researcher J. Harkness


Went poking around on the device's hard drive. Most of it is heavily encrypted, but I managed to find a few files.

I found some documentation for a SCP-3959, looks dated. Timestamp says it's around seven years old. Hadn't been accessed in five. Next time you are free, cross reference these files with the ones stored on our backup just to be safe.

Sr. Researcher J. Harkness



SCP-3959 doesn't exist yet. Had to double check just to be sure. It is possible it got reassigned, but I have been unable to locate any matches as of now.

I'm going to pull up a staff directory. Hopefully I can find one of the two that worked on the research team and have them clarify it for me.

Just keep an eye on that terminal.

Site Director A. Phillips


Sounds good. Try to find that Researcher Campbell. Looking through email archives has brought up little, but I did manage to find these. I'd poke around more, but I'm pretty sure I'm breaking enough policy as it is.

Let me know what you make of it.

Sr. Researcher J. Harkness



I don't know what you guys are cooking up over there in 01, 

but these requests are a bit unethical. You know how these 

systems work, you can't just force something to metastasize 

and expect it to work under your conditions.

I'll be alerting Overwatch about this. 

Hope you know what you're getting yourself into.


Overwatch is heading Project Callisto.

I think they know what they are doing.

Feel free to tell them off though, see where that gets you.

Researcher Campbell,

Your request to utilize SCP-████ for Project Callisto has been granted.

You have the full support of the Council



This is too weird. I found Campbell and asked her about 3959- nothing. No clue what I was talking about. She was telling the truth. I have no records of this anomaly. No records of a Project Callisto.

I think it's time we got Overwatch involved.

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