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Item #: SCP-3958

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3958 is currently not contained. Any civilian air-transport is to be delayed to keep planes out of its flight-path. Additionally, several smaller communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Gabon and ████████ have been relocated to minimize the chances of exposure or lethal injury. Contact with living creatures is to be avoided at all times. Slabs of soil of at least 200 kg are placed at a height of at least 20 meters or highest point of construction in high-density population centers to reduce risk of collision.

Description: SCP-3958 is a miniature replica of planet Earth, approximately 38 mm in diameter. SCP-3958 is spatially locked above the ground with respect to the Sun, such that it always remains on the night side of the Earth underneath the L2 Lagrange point. To maintain this spatial orientation, SCP-3958 moves at a speed of 1656 kph relative to a terrestrial observer, and hovers at altitudes between 1.5 and 2860 meters above sea level.1

Regardless of its height, SCP-3958 will never come within 1.5 meters of terrain (defined here as untreated soil with a mass of at least 150 kg).

No methods of arresting SCP-3958's movement have been found; it invariably penetrates all inanimate materials that it contacts without losing speed. Further testing on inorganic matter has been suspended after the impact with █████ caused rapid heating and expansion, resulting in the injury of Foundation personnel. Any living organic being possessing a mass of 25 kg or higher that comes into contact with SCP-3958 will gain its anomalous properties until contact is broken. This has so far universally resulted in the subject's expiration due to rapid deceleration and impact with the environment.

Addendum: SCP-3958 Discovery Log SCP-3958 came to the attention of the SCP Foundation at [REDACTED] on Oct ██, 1962. Due to Foundation resources invested in the █████ █████ and ██████ governments, damage done by SCP-3958 to the ships ██████, ██████ and █████████ was quickly reported to the Foundation. Damage was explained to both parties by Foundation personnel as ammunition malfunctions.

Further analysis of the event and reconstruction of path of damage resulted in the calculation of SCP-3958's trajectory and its next position was successfully predicted and caught on satellite image.

Three research stations were established in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, to record SCP-3958's momentum and anomalous properties. At the time, these were the only three instances of SCP-3958 moving close enough to non-populated areas for testing.

Included below are recovered documents that indicate previous encounters with SCP-3958.

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