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Artist's rendition of TVK E5695, one of the first discovered exoplanets hosting an SCP-3953-1 instance.

Item #: SCP-3953

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A total of 20 Foundation outposts have been erected across the Costa Rican territory. Half of these outposts are dedicated to the research of anomalous seismic activity, while the other half focuses on locating and censoring the existence of SCP-3953-1 host instances.

All discoveries of new exoplanets from astronomical institutes outside of Costa Rica are to be inspected for a possible instance of SCP-3953-1. If said instance is encountered, all images of the exoplanet in which SCP-3953-1 is possibly visible are to be edited immediately.

All households in the residential street in which SCP-3953-2 is located have been purchased by the Foundation and repurposed as Provisional Site-398. Cover story 241 (Sewer Repair) has been implemented to prevent civilian access.

Description: SCP-3953 is a phenomenon that affects all of the Republic of Costa Rica's landmass. This phenomenon is only triggered whenever seismic movement between the Cocos and Caribbean tectonic plates occurs. The intensity of these movements do not seem to be relevant to the triggering of the anomaly.

The result from these events is an exact physical duplicate of the entirety of Costa Rica (hereon referred as SCP-3953-1) manifesting on the surface of any exoplanet of solid composition. All SCP-3953-1 instances discovered thus far have shown to be located in a manner mirroring the original Costa Rica's geographical position and size.

The parameters for which exoplanet will become host of a new SCP-3953-1 instance are still unknown, although a pattern has been noticed in its manifestations. These are as follows:

  • The object is roughly spherical, averaging at 75%.
  • The object has an estimated mass of 5.972x10241 or higher.
  • The object is currently orbiting a star.
  • The object has not been previously discovered by any organization focused on astronomical research, with an exception to those which are Costa Rican in origin.

Since initial discovery, a total of 58 SCP-3953-1 instances have been documented. However, it has been theorized that over 1000 instances may exist due to Costa Rica's frequent tectonic movement2.

SCP-3953-2 is a white, double story house located in Coronado, San José in Costa Rica. When entering SCP-3953-2 through any of its doors, the subject will be transported to the structure's duplicate version from a SCP-3953-1 instance. The duplicates of SCP-3953-2 do not share the original's anomalous properties.

The SCP-3953-1 instance SCP-3953-2 transports to has been recorded to change every 24 hours. No pattern for which instance will become the next destination point has been found. It has also been discovered that, despite the vast distance, live audio and video are able to reach Earth without interference or delay. However, attempts to communicate from Earth to an individual located in an SCP-3953-1 instance has met with failure.

Addendum 3953/1:

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