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Item #: SCP-3949

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler I/O-NYSE is to monitor for posts mentioning Penumbra W.A.V.E. or its characters. Any flagged posts are to be immediately reported to Mobile Task Force Omicron-5 ("TRUE Fans"). MTF Omicron-5 is to determine if these posts originated from SCP-3949, and if so, to respond to these posts until the SCP-3949 instance deletes itself.

Description: SCP-3949 denotes a series of accounts, presumably all created by a single entity, located on various social media websites, forums, and message boards.

All of SCP-3949's posts center around the (nonexistent) animated series Penumbra W.A.V.E. or the fan community supposedly surrounding it. However, researchers have managed to extrapolate information about Penumbra W.A.V.E. through SCP-3949's posts. According to these extrapolations, Penumbra W.A.V.E. is in the sci-fi genre and had four seasons before going on indefinite hiatus. In-depth information can be found in Supplementary File 3949-R238.

Attempts to trace the origin of SCP-3949 have so far proven unsuccessful.

Approximately 2% of people who view SCP-3949's posts will become convinced that Penumbra W.A.V.E. exists, and that they have watched at least one episode of it. Remembered details of Penumbra W.A.V.E. are mostly consistent across different people. These false memories cease once SCP-3949 deletes itself, but can return upon the next SCP-3949 emergence.

SCP-3949 has a very timid temperament and generally does not respond positively to negative comments or responses to its posts. In most cases, SCP-3949 will respond a few times with attempts to induce guilt in the responder, before deleting itself and all its posts entirely. After this, SCP-3949 will reappear under a new username after a variable period ranging from 9 to 72 days.

After Incident 3949-119, SCP-3949 has not created any new accounts. After one year of inactivity, SCP-3949 was reclassed Neutralized.

Abbreviated SCP-3949 Incident Log:

Incident # Post Content MTF Response
014 A digital artwork, created by SCP-3949, depicting two characters (Iridium and Tbil) embracing. Several comments noting the discrepancy in Iridium's skin color between the artwork (light brown) and the show (dark purple).
057 A reposted fan fiction by the user 'lmaporpoise119'1. Work is 18 chapters long, and primarily centers on an alternate ending to Season 2 where the Khyrong army never reached the Mykarian Citadel, with a romantic subplot between two minor characters. Comments critiquing the overall grammar, dialogue, extreme mischaracterization of King Ekkaj, as well as several statements that the two romantic leads of the work have never shared screentime in the show.
066 A reposted uncredited artwork depicting one character wielding the Storm Sword and standing over a defeated foe. Several extensive comments analyzing previous fight scenes and statistics, ultimately concluding that the losing character would have easily defeated the other, and that the winning character would be incapable of wielding the Storm Sword in the first place.
089 A video overlaying a nonexistent song, "My Angel" by Fireflight,2 over a series of short clips of a climactic sword battle during Season 1, Episode 9. Several comments criticizing the choice of song and suggesting that scenes from later seasons would have been more visually appealing.
119 A long (~10,000 word) post describing SCP-3949's personal life, experience while watching the show, and how the show has affected SCP-3949's life. A single comment reading "No one cares".
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