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Item #: SCP-3945

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3945 is to be kept in a Standard Containment Locker. The object should be covered entirely by a thick cloth at all times. SCP-3945 should never be viewed with the naked eye, with all interactions taking place via remote means.

As of 12/2, experimentation with SCP-3945 is to be suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-3945 is the remaining biological tissue of an anomalous animal of unknown origin and species, currently contained on a Ford 150 truck tire. The tire itself displays no anomalous properties or unique material composition. All animal blood on the tire appears fresh and still maintains a vibrant red color. A golden bell attached to shreds of a collar is crushed between the tire's treads. The bell's side is engraved, determined to read "SHADE". Remote attempts to remove biological matter from the tire have failed.

SCP-3945 induces hallucinations via direct sight in viewers who do not have a living pet. If the viewer has never owned a pet, this will manifest SCP-3945-2. Otherwise, SCP-3945-1 will manifest.

SCP-3945-1 are hallucinations of the viewer's pets, usually of the animal purported to be the "best" or "most beloved".

Viewers describe their hallucinated pets as "different" than they remember, reporting elongated or shortened limbs, matted hair, dark pits instead of eyes, etc. In some cases, viewers reported that the SCP-3945-1 manifestation doesn't appear to be their pet at all, instead appearing as a dark shadow only similar in size and breed. Hallucinations occur in 5 - 60 minutes in 97% of cases.

In each hallucination, SCP-3945-1 appears for a few minutes before it is killed. SCP-3945-1's death is inconsistent with the original pet's cause of death. Notably, 95% of tests have resulted in SCP-3945-1 being disemboweled or devoured by an unknown predator. After the anomaly is killed, the hallucinated remains will disappear upon breaking sight line. This hallucination pattern will repeat endlessly.

Upon repeated hallucinations, subjects begin to exhibit extreme emotional distress leading to depression, mental instability, and suicidal ideation. ██ suicides have been recorded as a result of the phenomenon.

SCP-3945-2 manifests when the subject has never owned a pet. This instance always takes the same shape and form as described by subjects: a large panther shrouded in black smoke.

Discovery: SCP-3945 was discovered after the Mayor of Lockford, CA was found dead in his family home of an apparent suicide. One call was made before his death to his wife, wherein he described seeing and hearing his childhood dog, Bass, in hysterics. A log of the call is included below.

Call Log
Time: 9:41 PM

Janelle, it's Bass. My fucking dog when I was 8. Bass is here and then she's not, she's dying or dead, and I don't know…I've seen her rib cage, her heart and stomach opened over and over. She's got too many legs and a tumor on her face that I don't…remember, what's happening to me, I can't even think anymore, I can't go outside or inside or sideways without seeing THAT FUCKing DOG
(Unintelligible. Loud banging noise. Yelled profanity in the background. Call ends after 1 minute, 32 seconds of static and background shuffling noises.)

Shortly before the Mayor's death, Lockford experienced a massive rise in its suicide rate. Foundation agents were dispatched after an article describing mass hallucination of family pets was run in the local newspaper. The anomaly was subsequently discovered when Agent Brinks began hallucinating his former pet iguana while inspecting the Mayor's truck. Agents removed the tire after the rest of the truck was determined to be non-anomalous. Despite administering amnestics, Agent Brinks still hallucinates. He is under careful supervision and Foundation psychological evaluation.

Experiment Logs:

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