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SCP-3944 the morning after discovery

Item #: SCP-3944

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3944 is to be kept in a standard, locked storage unit at Site-56. Storage unit should be kept locked at all times to prevent accidental usage. The code to the storage unit can be obtained from the Site Supervisor following testing approval.

Transportation of SCP-3944 should be carried out by no more than three individuals, though typically two will be adequate. If more staff are required to be near SCP-3944, they must not come within a 1m radius of the object. Doing so will trigger SCP-3944's anomalous effect.

Description: SCP-3944 is a black iron patio table measuring 80 cm in height and 122 cm in width, with a 5 mm thick tempered glass surface.

SCP-3944 causes a "loop" of interrupted thought processes. Instances of SCP-3944-1 will stop mid conversation to ask another instance if they can recall the topic of conversation, having a momentary lapse in train of thought mid-sentence. It is at this point a repetitive looping effect takes place. In sequential clockwise order, instances of SCP-3944-1 will begin repeating a series of questions and replies to each other. This will not stop until an instance is removed from SCP-3944's radius, causing the number of subjects to fall below the minimum requirement for activation.

Testing revealed that instances will not succumb to a lack of nutrition, dehydration or sleep deprivation. But upon cessation of SCP-3944's effect, SCP-3944-1 will expire or lose conciseness due to a lack of sustenance and exhaustion. The severity of which is directly proportional to the duration SCP-3944-1 is under the influence of SCP-3944.

SCP-3944's anomalous effect is triggered when four1 or more subjects, designated as SCP-3944-12, are stationed within a 1m sphere around the objects edge. If these requirements are met, SCP-3944-1 will display the following symptoms:

  • Subjects will begin to converse amongst themselves
  • Subjects will rapidly experience extreme short term memory loss
  • Paranoia
  • Loss of impulse control regarding spoken communication

The combination of these symptoms creates the cognitive effect that only affects SCP-3944-1 instances. See Test Logs for in-depth information regarding the effects of SCP-3944.

Investigations into ███████ as well as the manufacturer that supposedly produced SCP-3944 were deemed inconclusive. Both parties have denied creating and selling SCP-3944. Both companies have been designated GOI-03453-1 & GOI-03453-2 and are to be continually monitored for further instances of anomalous goods. Testing of SCP-3944 is currently under the direct supervision of Site-56's Site Director. No further testing is currently scheduled or approved.

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