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Item #: SCP-3939

Object Class: Unclassed

Special Containment Procedures: Object is kept in standard pre-containment holding cell. A researcher is to be assigned to classify it as soon as possible.

Description: None yet available.

3939-Alpha: Carlos, I said "now", not "first thing in the morning".

There's a brief moment in which there's no reply. Your demand hangs in the air, the last message in the chain, and you realise that it's probably pretty unreasonable to have asked.

You arrive at your office, step inside, and sit at your desk. By the time you look at your communicator's screen, he's replied.

3939-Gamma: How 'now' are we talking? Like five minutes?

3939-Alpha: You've got an hour.

3939-Gamma: I'll do what I can.

It doesn't take all day to write an article, you muse to yourself, absentmindedly casting your eyes over the barren display that is your desk. Your monitor is switched off. Your keyboard is just lying there, a little dusty. Your telephone is waiting for someone to call. And then there's the canister of Class B amnestics.

The guy to whom this office used to belong was one of the chemists working on the amnestics formula. This could be the new Class B formula, an experimental product. Or maybe it's the old one. Either way, all you know is that it's like a little deodorant can with a rubbery plastic mask attached to cover their mouth and nose. You stick it onto someone's face and then you spray, they breathe it in, and then they forget.

It's tempting to forget the whole week. That's a very bad idea.

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