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Item#: 3935
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Salvation High School.


Salvation, IN, US

Special Containment Procedures: The town of Salvation, Indiana has been evacuated and a fenced 2km quarantine zone has been established around the center of the town. Roads leading to the nearby town of Eminence have been removed and rerouted. Foundation personnel are to monitor all known travel routes into Salvation for signs of civilians. Any civilians caught attempting to enter Salvation are to be remanded to the custody of local authorities. Cover story 3935.18 “Hazardous Waste Disaster” is currently being disseminated.

The building containing SCP-3935, Salvation High School, is to be guarded by Foundation security personnel. Under no circumstances are any non-authorized personnel to enter SCP-3935. Individuals believed to be affected in any way by SCP-3935 are to be moved to Temporary Site-81-5 near Eminence for evaluation.

It is currently believed that original inhabitants of Salvation are unable to reproduce. Deviation from this expectation is to be closely monitored.

Exploration into SCP-3935 is currently forbidden. Due to the hazardous conditions within SCP-3935, any future exploration attempts are restricted to Class-D personnel only.

Description: SCP-3935 is an extra-temporal, extra-spatial, non-Euclidean space located beneath the Salvation High School in Salvation, Indiana. While SCP-3935 is the designation for the specific anomaly mentioned above, it is believed that the anomaly currently affects the entire town of Salvation, as individuals have reported anomalous events taking place outside of SCP-3935 as well. The full extent of these effects is not known.

SCP-3935 is reachable only through a collapsed section of sub-basement beneath the Salvation High School, near the northwest corner of the building, below the school’s pool. It is believed that SCP-3935 was the source of anomalous activity that took place in Salvation High School in the mid 1970s, which was investigated and contained by members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Unusual Incidents Unit. Information pertaining to their investigation is available elsewhere in this file.

The access point to SCP-3935 proper exists roughly 25m below the collapsed section of basement, in a small antechamber containing a stone arch. The original creator of the arch, or how it became buried so far underground in the first place, are the subjects of investigation. Inscribed on the arch is a phrase in English, not believed to exist elsewhere in literature:

The way below winds deeper, longer,
unspeakable its patterns laid.
The lost forever damned to wander
this thing a quiet madness made.

Addendum 3935.1: Discovery

SCP-3935 was originally discovered following a series of paranormal events that took place within the Salvation High School during the week of June 18th, 1976 (see Addendum 3935.2). Sometime after the end of the primary anomalous activity period at the school, the collapsed section of wall and floor leading to a narrow gap in the foundation was discovered by a member of the custodial staff. The collapsed wall, which is located in an unspecified basement room below the primary basement, deteriorated even further until the gap in the foundation was large enough that a person could fit into.

During an audit of the damage by a contractor, a member of the independent team accidentally slipped and fell into the antechamber near SCP-3935. Without a way to easily extract the individual, their supervisor encouraged them to proceed into SCP-3935 a short distance and see if there was a way out. When the individual did not return from SCP-3935, a search was conducted by members of the contractor team and local authorities. When only two of the eleven individuals who entered SCP-3935 returned to the antechamber, and when they began to give accounts of their experiences within, Foundation personnel embedded in local authorities took over the investigation.

Over time, anomalous activity began to become more common outside of the high school in Salvation. After the events that took place in June 1976, the town was officially condemned and the entire populace1 was relocated.

Addendum 3935.2: UIU Field Report

Addendum 3935.3: Initial Exploration and Recovery Log

Addendum 3935.4: Anomalous Activity in Salvation

Addendum 3935.5: Interview with Person of Interest

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