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Item #: SCP-3921

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to disguise themselves as security guards and are to monitor the "Tower of Winds" historical landmark. As a result of the common knowledge of the monument, civilian access is allowed, however, only through guided tours by Foundation personnel. There is to be a checkpoint located near each of the two entrances of the monument to prevent any individuals from defacing or destroying anything inside the structure.

Bullet-proof glass lined with graphene is to be placed across the various murals inside the tower to prevent from any hostile-entity interacting with them. The keyholes that are located within the building are to be filled with concrete as to ensure that the murals are never completed.

Foundation personnel are to capture any hostiles that attempt to reach the inner sanctum of the tower. Due to the inherent differences in the effects of Eos-type1 by the events caused by SCP-3921, separate containment procedures are outlined below.

Description: SCP-3921 is a set of eight incomplete stone carved murals located in the main altar room of the Tower of Winds monument located in Athens, Greece. The tower has one main, octagonal room that is approximately fifteen meters in diameter.

Every wall of the room has an elaborate mural depicting the Greek gods of wind, each of whom were assigned a cardinal direction to govern over. The group of eight deities as a whole are commonly known as the "Anemoi." Each mural’s center consists of a block that is jutted out of the rest of the mural’s image, marking the image as incomplete.

Each block contains a pictographic image of a weather related event that is associated with its respective god. All the blocks contain an aperture within which a specific key needs to be placed in order for it to be pushed into the mural, thus completing the image. The keys will from now be known as SCP-3921-1.

Listed below is information regarding SCP-3921 and SCP-3921-1:

Kant sensor array imaging has revealed that the internal structure of both the mural and pushing stone is controlled by a single large Antikythera mechanism. Noticeably, the mechanism is many times more complex than any other known mechanism of the same kind, containing hundreds of interlocking bronze gears and copper cogs.


Marble sculpture of all eight “Anemoi” located on the frieze of the Tower

When a block is pushed in completely the now fully finished mural will intensely glow for approximately 30 seconds while an minor earthquake of magnitude 2.5 will occur. A block is only able to be pushed into the mural if it is unlocked with a corresponding key. As of 20██, three of the nine murals have been completed.

After the earthquake, an anomalous weather or atmospheric event will manifest. These phenomenon will occur in a designated time period that is fixed for each separate occurrence.

Foundation anthropologists and symbologists are assigned to study the images depicted on the murals and blocks, as they seem to imply what their particular anomalous weather event will occur when their murals are completed. The atmospheric events as a whole have been anointed the name Eos-type events.

Archived below are descriptions of Eos-type events that have been generated by SCP-3921:

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