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Item#: 3920
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An SCP-3920 induced lightning strike, as viewed by Observational Plane San-14.

Special Containment Procedures: Subjects that experience or witness SCP-3920 are to be amnesticized and provided appropriate replacement memories. Cover stories regarding non-anomalous targets will be disseminated after SCP-3920 occurs. All artillery shells produced by SCP-3920 will be transferred to the nearest Armament Storage Facility or destroyed.

Description: SCP-3920 is a phenomenon that generates a variable number of BL 9.2-inch howitzers (SCP-3920-A instances) in the Canadian Rockies. The following requirements must be met to initiate SCP-3920:

  • A person (hereafter referred to as the "subject") must be over 3km from the nearest town or city
  • One or more persons or entities (hereafter referred to as "targets") with the intent to harm the subject must be within a .5km vicinity of the subject
  • The local time must be between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

The following can increase the likelihood of SCP-3920's initiation:

  • The subject is a Canadian citizen
  • The subject is or was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Multiple targets are present
  • A cumulonimbus cloud is present near the subject

SCP-3920 begins with lightning strikes occurring in the area around the subject, corresponding to the number of targets. An SCP-3920-A instance instantaneously manifests at the site of each strike. Each howitzer is operated by several luminous, translucent humanoid entities wearing Canadian World War I army uniforms (SCP-3920-B instances). The SCP-3920-B operate the howitzers and will fire shells at the targets with high precision until a shell has collided with each target, invariably resulting in their deaths. Detonation occurs if the subject is outside of each shell's blast radius. Non-detonated shells have a variation of the following message engraved on their surface:

Greetings from 1st Brigade C.F.A.!1

When all targets are dead, lightning bolts will manifest and hit each SCP-3920-A instance, with the anomalies vanishing after.

Although SCP-3920-B instances primarily focus on the operation of SCP-3920-A, limited interactions may occur with subjects. These interactions include salutes to the subject if they are current or former Canadian military personnel, waves, and thumbs up gestures. On one occasion a child subject was handed an Individual Meal Pack2 by an instance.

Addendum: On 18-August-2018, Agent Flynn was dispatched on a mission to subdue PoI-1258 after the subject stole an anomalous object. At 1:40 a.m. the following day, Agent Flynn entered a confrontation with the subject at the edge of Lake O'Hara. PoI-1258 consumed Flynn's weaponry and was preparing to strangulate him when SCP-3920 was initiated. Two SCP-3920-A instances manifested in the vicinity of both subjects, each firing a shell that hit the other instance instead of the subjects. PoI-1258 swam into the lake at this point, presumably using the object to become camouflaged with their surroundings.

The SCP-3920-B instances that had operated both howitzers convened near the location of Agent Flynn, appearing to enter a heated discussion while displaying signs of confusion. One instance then handed Flynn a slip of paper with the following text on it.

Bit of a screwup [sic] here

All instances subsequently demanifested after a single lightning strike.

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