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Item #: SCP-3919

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3919 is designated an ATEN-class memetic hazard. The full name of SCP-3919-A and access to any document in which this is recorded is restricted to a single member of Level-1 personnel at all times. Under no circumstances should any item, object, location or concept be referred to by terminology relating to the personal details of SCP-3919-A.

Each instance of SCP-3919-B requires an exclusion zone of variable size, with appropriate cover stories prepared for SCP-3919-B in public spaces. Outside of controlled testing circumstances, interaction with SCP-3919-B instances should be conducted remotely, with appropriate mechanisms in place to retrieve personnel from within SCP-3919-B's area of influence in case of accident.

A Foundation initiative to remove references to SCP-3919-A from public records and amnesticise civilians with knowledge of SCP-3919-A operates in the Czech Republic and international academic settings. As of 2009, all known references to SCP-3919-A in public records have been redacted, with original documents archived by the Foundation. Works by SCP-3919-A have been reattributed and ██ amnesticised individuals with previous knowledge of SCP-3919-A remain under surveillance.

Description: SCP-3919 is a memetic-semantic anomalous phenomenon related to Jan ████████ (SCP-3919-A), a Czech modernist architect who lived from 1905 to 1973. While SCP-3919-A exhibited no known anomalous properties while alive, following his death an anomaly manifested in which eponymous objects, or items understood to be 'his' by multiple individuals, were converted into instances of SCP-3919-B. Instances of SCP-3919-B induce visual and auditory hallucinations in humans in their vicinity. The specifics vary between each instance but consistently reflect memorable scenes from SCP-3919-A's life. While these hallucinations are not inherently harmful, they loop continuously and prevent perception of reality at maximal intensity, making it significantly difficult for individuals to remove themselves from the area of effect.

SCP-3919 was not observed until 1993, when Charles University in Prague renamed a lecture theatre in its architecture faculty the 'Jan ████████ Theatre', converting it into an instance of SCP-3919-B. While this affected a number of persons and led to Foundation intervention, this was initially thought to be an isolated anomalous location. Combined with uncertainty about SCP-3919-B activation conditions, this allowed for the creation of further SCP-3919-B instances between 1993 and 1998 until current containment procedures were implemented.

The semantic component of SCP-3919 relies on common understanding. The most straightforward condition for activation of SCP-3919 and conversion of an object into an SCP-3919-B instance involves officially naming an object after SCP-3919-A and documenting this fact. This property is relatively straightforward to monitor and control. However, a significantly more dangerous activation of SCP-3919 occurs when references are made in informal usage with the understanding that they refer to SCP-3919-A and the acceptance of this between at least two persons (eg. SCP-3919-B-4). This property is not limited to buildings and has been confirmed to apply to other objects, beings and actions. Testing on abstract concepts is forbidden due to the risk of a CK-class reality restructuring scenario.

A general knowledge of SCP-3919-A's identity (full name, nationality, occupation, and 20th-century existence has been found to be sufficient) is required for an individual to activate SCP-3919's anomalous properties. Beyond this, there are no known limits to the application of SCP-3919, if two individuals cooperate with one another, hence the importance of the information security procedures surrounding SCP-3919-A in the public sphere. Works by SCP-3919-A have been reattributed to other Czech architects and the academic literature altered accordingly.

Amnesticisation of SCP-3919-A's personal contacts was previously standard practice but is no longer relevant as of 2014.

Addendum 3919-1: Selected SCP-3919-B instances, with associated events transcribed and translated


Item: The Jan ████████ Theatre in the former School of Architecture building of Charles Universty in Prague

Background: See above.

Event Date: c. 1916

Description: SCP-3919-A, his mother Eva ████████ (PoI-39191) and father Rudolf ████████ (PoI-39192) are in the living room of their residence in Brno, SCP-3919-A's childhood home. PoI-39192 is dressed in the uniform of an Austrian Landsturm1 captain. A fourth individual, also in uniform, is waiting with a box camera.


PoI-39192: (laughs) No, you need to look after your mother, Jan. I won't be gone long enough for you to notice.

PoI-39191: (tearful) Rudi -

PoI-39192: Shh, dear. (whispering) Not in front of him. (to SCP-3919-A) Here, I have something for you. Take care of it, and remember your father when you use it.

He hands SCP-3919-A a gold pocket watch.

MAN: Sir, we don't have much time left.

PoI-39192: Yes, yes, of course. Come, come.

The three family members sit on the sofa and the other man takes their photograph.





Item: House at 1012 Lesnická St, Smíchov-Praha

Background: Designed by SCP-3919-A in 1934 and named the 'Jan ████████ House' in a 1994 city council proposal for heritage listing of buildings.

Event Date: March 1936

Description: The reception of the Soviet Embassy building in Prague. SCP-3919-A is arguing with an unidentified Soviet official while holding a sheaf of papers with a photo of PoI-39192 at the front.


SCP-3919-A: I know you won't know who this man is. That's why I'm applying to travel.

OFFICIAL: I have had many requests like this recently and I cannot approve them. Where do you plan to look for him? You know how far the Legion went in the war? You could be searching all the way to Vladivostok. It is a much bigger place than here, believe me. You cannot travel without a destination.

SCP-3919-A: I know people at Moscow University.

OFFICIAL: Do you have a letter of invitation from them?

SCP-3919-A: They know me. I will be travelling to Moscow, I can show you a hotel telegram.

OFFICIAL: I cannot approve this request. Comrade, I am trying to help you here. You can trust me when I say nobody will know this man in Moscow. You will waste a lot of time and money and find only disappointment at the end.

SCP-3919-A: But what if -

OFFICIAL: You want to know where he is? I can tell you. He is in an unmarked grave in Siberia, in one of a thousand graves, with a thousand other reactionaries -

SCP-3919-A: How dare you -

SCP-3919-A throws the papers down on the table and takes a step towards the official.

OFFICIAL: (aside) Get him out of here!




SCP-3919-B-3, during the period of SCP-3919-A's residence.

Item: Apartment 11 at 12 Dělnická St, Praha 7

Background: Home of SCP-3919-A from 1950-1952. Likely referred to as 'Jan ████████'s' residence at some point during Foundation research into SCP-3919, but no concrete details available.

Event Date: January 1937

Description: A London restaurant (now defunct) in Westminster, with 8 individuals present, most identified as members of the British art and architecture community. SCP-3919-A is sitting in the center of the table. Seated beside him is notable German modernist architect Walter Gropius, previously SCP-3919-A's teacher at the Bauhaus school in Dessau in the late 1920s.


Background noise from attendees.

GROPIUS: A moment, please, gentlemen. If you have not met him already, I would like to welcome an old student of mine, visiting us from Prague. Jan has just completed a wonderful project, I think he can show us some photographs later - yes, Max, those you saw yesterday - but I will simply toast the visit of a friend in these troubled times. To Jan!

The assembled persons raise their glasses and toast.

SCP-3919-A: Thank you all, for the very nice welcome. (to Gropius, in German) My English still needs some work. Your invitation was most kind.

GROPIUS: (in German) The pleasure is mine. I would be willing to extend the invitation permanently, Jan. You know the situation in Europe is not good. Of course it was worse for me in Germany, but you must still be worried. If you do not come here, there is plenty of work going on in our circle in America -

SCP-3919-A: (in German) Thank you for the offer, Walter, but with Karolína's pregnancy, it is simply impossible for us to travel. Things will work out. I will trust your British and American friends to look after our country. (laughs)

GROPIUS: (in German) Perhaps, Jan. If things get worse, God forbid, do not forget you have friends here.



Item: Second basement level of Site-77

Background: Storage facility for SCP-3919 related documents from 1996-1998. Converted into an instance of SCP-3919-B in 1998, when improperly briefed staff members referred to it as the '████████ library'.

Event Date: 12/03/19552

Description: SCP-3919-A's office at Charles University in Prague. SCP-3919-A sits behind a desk, with two men in long coats standing on the opposite side.


SCP-3919-A: The last conversation with Alex, let's see, it was about 1 week ago, and - and - his studies, yes, we talked about his studies, that was all -

AGENT: Did he say what his plans were for the next week? Were you going to talk again?

SCP-3919-A: Well, no, we don't arrange any times, I just see him in the cafe -

AGENT: Did he make any comments about the State? Anything about his plans for defection?

SCP-3919-A: No, I don't think -

AGENT: Nothing at all? So, comrade, you and I are both clear on that point, that you are willing to attest your son made no anti-State comments, was a good and loyal citizen, now that he has defected?

SCP-3919-A: Well - that is to say, I don't think - I mean, I - I can't recall - I can't remember exactly what he said.

AGENT: You can't remember your last conversation with your own son?

SCP-3919-A: I don't know. I've been very busy lately - I can't help you any more.

AGENT: I see. I suggest you try to remember before we meet again, Comrade ████████. Good day to you.

SCP-3919-A: Please, write to Comrade Secretary Novotný, or I can do it myself - he can vouch for me, I worked with him in the Industry Ministry -

AGENT: I can ask for you, but there is something you and the Comrade Secretary have in common. As you can imagine, he is a very busy man, and unfortunately he does not recall every person he meets.





Item: Senior Researcher Dr M. Balážová

Background: Dr Balážová was converted into an instance of SCP-3919-B on 01/12/1999, projecting a hallucinatory field in a 15m radius. This was traced to a flaw in the automated system responsible for cataloguing SCP-3919 documentation, where a text string referring to the Head of SCP-3919 Research (then Dr Balážová) led to the replacement of SCP-3919 with 'Jan ████████' in a number of documents. Dr Balážová continues her Foundation employment while in containment. She is permitted contact with others via video link and receives regular counselling to mitigate the effects of long-term isolation.

Event Date: 18/12/19673

Description: A basement room of the Ministry of Industry in Prague, SCP-3919-A's workplace from 1956. SCP-3919-A is sitting at his desk doing paperwork.


The door opens and a man enters, identified as Professor E. Krejcar, a colleague of SCP-3919-A's from Charles University.

SCP-3919-A: Yes, can I help you?

KREJCAR: Hello, Jan. It's been some time.

SCP-3919-A: Who - Evžen, my god, it's you? I didn't recognise you.

KREJCAR: Yes, well, the beard - anyway. I was in Vienna last month, and I saw this in a store, and what should be in it? Here, take a look.

He hands over a photographic book titled 'Functionalism: An Austro-German-Czech Pictorial History'4, and opens it to a page where the Lesnická St house (SCP-3919-B-2) designed by SCP-3919-A is visible.

KREJCAR: Then I remembered, isn't it today? Happy birthday. For you.

He passes SCP-3919-A the book, who remains silent.

KREJCAR: I'm sorry for interrupting you. I know it must be hard, after what happened -

SCP-3919-A: Ten years, Evžen. You left me here for ten years, without a letter or call, and now you decide to show up?

KREJCAR: It was the fifties, you know what it was like, Jan, we all wanted to -

SCP-3919-A stands up and smiles.

SCP-3919-A: It's good to see you, my friend.

He holds out his arms and the two embrace.



Item: The action of eating a ham and cheese sandwich in Containment Cell #6 of Site-77

Background: Created as part of Foundation research to determine if SCP-3919 was applicable outside of physical objects; a protocol was designed where two research staff would reach an understanding that to 'do a Jan ████████' referred to this specific action. All individuals who perform this action now experience SCP-3919's effects.

Event Date: December 1973

Description: A room in the Bulovka Hospital in Prague. A frail and emaciated SCP-3919-A is lying in a hospital bed in a four-bed ward. A member of the nursing staff is reading a chart beside the bed.


SCP-3919-A: Kara, are you there?

SCP-3919-A: My throat hurts, Kara. Kara!

NURSE: Shh, Mr ████████. Have some water.

SCP-3919-A: Who are you?

NURSE: I'm your nurse today, Mr ████████.

SCP-3919-A sips water from a paper cup in silence for several minutes.

SCP-3919-A: I feel… scattered. All that remains is bricks and stones. Just bricks and stones.

SCP-3919-A: Where have I gone? What is left of me?

SCP-3919-A appears visibly distressed.

SCP-3919-A: Has this always been your doing? It is deserved. I was afraid - no, a coward.

SCP-3919-A: Forgive me - I can't - forgive me -

SCP-3919-A: I can't remember your name.



Item: Clay brick labelled with 'Jan ████████'

Background: Implementation of standardised object for testing purposes.

Event Date: June 1942

Description: SCP-3919-A's home in Prague, nighttime. SCP-3919-A is in the second-story bedroom, standing at the window and peering out on the street between the curtains. His wife, Karolína ████████ (PoI-39193), is lying in the bed behind him. An unidentified man is standing at the front door, banging on it repeatedly.


MAN: Jan! Jan, are you there?

SCP-3919-A watches but does not react.

PoI-39193: Ugh. What time is it?

SCP-3919-A does not respond.

PoI-39193: Jan, who is it?

Muffled shouting in German and gunshots are audible in the distance.

SCP-3919-A: I don't know.

MAN: Jan, for God's sake open the door!

PoI-39193: You must know him. Isn't he shouting for you?

SCP-3919-A: I told you, Kara, I don't know who it is. Go back to sleep.



Item: Clay brick labelled with 'Jan ████████'

Background: As with SCP-3919-B-7.

Description: No associated event, instead inducing auditory and visual loss in all persons in a 10m radius. Continued experimentation on SCP-3919 has yielded similar results.

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