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Item#: 3918
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Emergency Protocol KELLOGG has been implemented:

  • Scranton Reality Anchor Array #12 has been deployed and activated at Area-0219 to impair the effects of SCP-3918-1. The survival of SRAA #12 has been assigned top priority.
  • Foundation Deep-Space Defense Network ELIOS has been placed under alert in anticipation for the deterrence of a high-threat anomaly. Current estimated probability of successful deterrence: 53.2%.
  • Overseer Mandate 56991.E27 has gone into effect. As such, all personnel of essentiality rating Mauve or higher are to be immediately relocated to Site-519 in preparation for a K-Class event.
  • All other necessary preparations for the survival of a ΦK-Class End-Of-Earth1 scenario are to occur immediately.

Foundation satellites are to constantly monitor for instances of SCP-3918-1 on an impact trajectory with Earth. MTF Ξ-9110 ("Armed Nuns") are to be dispatched to neutralize these instances as they appear. Lethal force has been authorized for contact with hostile entities under its influence. All allocated resources are to be focused on the implementation of Protocol KELLOGG.

Recent estimations project an immense loss of life should SCP-3918 surpass all contingencies and reach Earth. Should SCP-3918 breach the perimeter established by ELIOS, threat-level MOJAVE BLACK is to be declared, and the use of all necessary deterrents will be authorized. Currently, SCP-3918 is 768,800 km away from the nearest ELIOS installation and will make contact in █ days and ██ hours.

Description: SCP-3918 is the designation for a Class-X Reality Restructuring Entity currently traveling through deep space. At its current speed and trajectory, SCP-3918 will encounter the Earth on ██████ ██, ████. Through satellite imagery, it has been observed to possess the form of a human female, albeit lacking any facial features or upper limbs. Various thaumaturgic symbols are carved into its surface, although the significance of this has yet to be determined. It has been measured to be 38,300km in height.

Prior to its current designation, SCP-3918 was originally believed to be an anomalous structure that impacted the Earth's surface on April 13th, 2020 (It has since been designated as SCP-3918-1.) SCP-3918-1 is an oblong object comprised of a crystallized material approximately 8 m in height. Various signs consistent with those found on SCP-3918 mark its outside surface.

Initial investigations of SCP-3918-1 were prevented by the aerosolization of undetected compounds which caused anomalous and contagious hypersexuality in members of the kingdom Animalia. The resulting high volume of sexual activity in the research team initiated an event in which SCP-3918-1 proceeded to rapidly generate pockets of reality consistent with lunar terrain and accompanying vacuums in the area, now designated as Area-0219. Scranton Reality Anchor Array #12 was then deployed to Area-0219 and was activated, preventing the continuation of the event. Following this, no other instance of SCP-3918-1 has made contact with Earth.

Approximately four hours after the successful deterrence of SCP-3918-1, Foundation Deep-Space Defense Network ELIOS registered a field of temporal distortion roughly 3.5 light years away from Earth. Shortly after its discovery, hume levels surrounding the distortion dropped dramatically, leading to a destabilization of reality in the area. SCP-3918 then emerged from the distortion shortly before its instantaneous collapse and began its course to Earth.


"Approach thy Moon, for SHE is the shepherd of the feeble, SHE is the healer of the sick, and SHE is the banisher of the wicked. SUBMIT to HER grace, and allow HIS completion to guide you to THEIR promised salvation. It is the only way."

-Chapter XVI of the Sacred Texts

As of Overseer Mandate E001.421, RAISA has been granted approval for the complete suppression of evidence of the existence of GoI-3918: "The Church of the Starved Goddess." The means of doing so have been left to the Administration's discretion. In addition, Overseer Mandate E001.421 has authorized the development of E-Class "LAST RESORT" countermeasures to the threat imposed by SCP-3918 and its following. The implications of such developments have been accepted by the Overseer Council with 7 voting in favor, 5 voting in opposition, and 1 abstaining.

Current information suggests that GoI-3918 is a loosely-organized monotheistic cult estimated to possess a following of approximately 15,000 individuals. Its main objective is to prepare Earth for what it refers to as "The Day of Eternal Pleasure," in which Earth is terraformed by SCP-3918 into a state resembling the Moon, through the use of thaumaturgic energy generated by a species-wide collective sexual act. Following this "rebirth," the now-barren Earth is to be utilized in SCP-3918's construction of "Him," a separate entity whose purpose is to satisfy its desires. Translation of the church's sacred texts has confirmed the date of this occurrence to be April 13th, 2020.

Further investigation into the Church of the Starved Goddess has resulted in the discovery of Uri'Arkana, a temple initially believed to be of a different origin. Several anomalous artifacts recovered from within the temple suggest that the Church has been in existence as early as 250 A.D, although no records stating its existence have been found within the surrounding cultures. Written records discovered in the temple's archives contain several references to SCP-3918 under the name "Anukeana." The Department of Linguistics has produced a translation of a section from these texts. (See Document-3918-A12.)

In the days proceeding the events surrounding SCP-3918-1, the Church of the Starved Goddess conducted several offenses on the Foundation, utilizing a combination of highly-advanced weaponry and thaumaturgic artifacts. To date, there have been seven recorded instances of terrorism conducted at the hands of the Church against both Foundation sites and civilian cities. Previous occurrences of similar natures are currently being investigated for connections to GoI-3918.

Date of Occurrence Event Description
April 14th, 2020 Foundation Server Block 0016B experienced a massive security breach that resulted in the apprehension and later corruption of several crucial files. Due to the nature of these files, further information has been classified to Level 5/3918.
April 15th, 2020 Area-0219 experienced severe destabilization of its local reality caused by advanced thaumaturgic weaponry utilized by GoI-3918 combatants. The resulting destruction led to a temporary loss of containment of Area-0219 and the lives of 18 Foundation personnel.
June 11th, 2020 The entire population of the city of Golden, Colorado were found naked on the surface of the Moon during a routine scanning of the lunar surface. The words "SHE TAKES THEM WHEN YOU REFUSE TO GIVE THEM" were found spray-painted on various buildings within the city.
August 1st, 2020 Site-18 experienced a massive containment breach, resulting in the death of over 430 Foundation personnel. All entities have since been contained, although the location of several anomalous artifacts previously being researched there has yet to be discovered.
August 2nd, 2020 84 residents of the city of Akron, Ohio spontaneously committed suicide by various means. Following their deaths, the corpses proceeded to reanimate and engage in a collective sexual act. All instances proceeded to violently combust following the conclusion of the event.
October 6th, 2020 [DATA EXPUNGED.]
October 8th, 2020 All records pertaining to Senior Researcher Ronald M. Sullivan were removed from Foundation servers instantaneously. Dr. Sullivan was discovered two hours later in Site-29, approximately 3,000 km from his original position in Site-21. Severe lacerations and missing portions of brain tissue resulted in his expiration. The words "ONE DOES NOT ENTER THE LIGHT ONLY TO SIN IN THE DARKNESS ONCE MORE" were found branded onto his back. An investigation is currently pending.
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