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Item #: SCP-3912

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3912 is to be contained in a 77mm lens filter case with soft-foam packaging and placed in a standard secure locker. Access to SCP-3912 for testing requires Level security 2 clearance.

Description: SCP-3912 is a 77mm Tiffen brand UV filter for camera lenses with a prominent set of fractures across the diameter of the glass. These fractures are clearly visible when looking through the viewfinder of a camera fitted with this filter. The anomalous effects of SCP-3912 manifest when an affected camera takes a picture of an object or person the user deems a threat. Incisions appear on the target, matching the superimposition of the fractures and severing along these lines, but not affecting any other objects in the frame. Development is not required; as testing has shown, this effect is produced with digital cameras as well as film cameras. Furthermore, the fractures do not appear on developed film and digital images.

Subjects looking through the viewfinder report the presence of a benevolent entity looking over their shoulder. Tests consistently show thermal deviations to what the user perceives as optimal room temperature around the user whenever the effects of SCP-3912 manifest. While using SCP-3912, subjects have shown understanding of advanced and esoteric photographic concepts, regardless of previous experience.

SCP-3912 was first made known to the Foundation when Hassan ██████, a famed photographer for his coverage of several military conflicts throughout the Middle East, was abducted by insurgents in Al Qa'im on ██/██/2016. Hassan survived the abduction by using SCP-3912 to neutralize eight of his captors.

MTF Zulu-21 ("Desert Devils") was dispatched on ██/██/2016 to apprehend the subject and recover SCP-3912, who were both in the custody of insurgents belonging to the Al-Nursa Front along the Iraqi border. Hassan was found with multiple gunshot wounds, surrounded by ██ insurgents neutralized by the patterned incisions in the chest and neck. These incisions also affected Kevlar and bulletproof vests worn by said insurgents without tearing in the material.

Hassan was taken to Site-██ to be given medical attention and interrogated on the nature and acquisition of SCP-3912. Hassan expressed concern with SCP-3912 falling into the wrong hands and freely divulged information regarding SCP-3912 (See Addendum 3912-A).


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