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Item #: SCP-3910

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3910 is to be kept in a locked containment locker in Site-16. No personnel are allowed to remove the object from containment unless permission has been obtained from Dr. Williams.

Description: SCP-3910 is a box containing nine pieces of colored chalk. The exterior of the box is colored orange and contains no other markings or identifying features. Along with the nine pieces of chalk, the interior of SCP-3910 also contains a sheet of paper with nine colored symbols on it. Each of these symbols seems to correspond with a color of chalk found in the object.

The colors of the chalk are as follows: black, pink, brown, yellow, red, purple, orange, green, and blue. The pieces of chalk have remained the same size, even through constant use and testing. The main anomalous property of SCP-3910 occurs when a symbol from the sheet of paper is drawn with the appropriate color of chalk on any surface.

Upon completion of the symbol, a door of varying shape and size will manifest on the surface the symbol was drawn on. Opening the door will lead to what is theorized to be a pocket dimension, which differs depending on the symbol drawn.1 Testing has shown that some stimuli within the pocket dimension(s) are not visible on camera. For this reason, testing was performed using D-Class subjects. See the table below for details.

Color of Chalk Description of Door Manifestation Description of Pocket Dimension
Black An automatic glass sliding door manifested on the testing room wall. Vision of the other side was obscured by a dense white mist. Upon entry, subject found themself in a building that resembled a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), devoid of human life. Opening doors inside of the building lead to "copies" of the same room. Exploration concluded after travelling roughly 5 kilometers without variation in building layout.
Pink A red barn door manifested on the testing room wall. See Exploration Log 3910-02 for details.
Brown A wooden door composed of an unidentified tree bark manifested on the testing room wall. Subject found themself in a swamp. Weather consisted of constant precipitation of varying types. Rain, snow, and hail were recorded all falling at the same time. The only notable discovery in this area was the decomposing body of a domestic pig (Sus domesticus). Exploration concluded after travelling roughly 3 kilometers.
Yellow A large metal door resembling a bank vault door manifested on the testing room wall. Subject found themself in an exact replica of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Two cars were reported on the track, driving in opposite directions. They were later confirmed to be a Bugatti Veyron and a Volkswagen Beetle. Approximately every 30 seconds, the two cars would collide, taking heavy physical damage. The cars would then reverse, seemingly repairing as they reversed around the track and hit each other on the opposite side. This pattern repeated indefinitely. Testing was concluded after █ hours of observation.
Red A subway car door manifested on the testing room wall. See Exploration Log 3910-05 for details.
Purple A door similar in appearance to the sarcophagi found in Exploration Log 3910-05. Upon entry, subject found themself in a dark, cramped space. It is theorized that this was the interior of one of the sarcophagi. Subject became distressed when the way back appeared locked. Subject's distress increased as slits opened and [DATA EXPUNGED]. No attempts have been made to retrieve equipment or remains of subject.
Orange A wooden door manifested on the testing room wall. Subject found themself in a log cabin situated in what appeared to be a temperate forest. Subject was instructed to leave cabin and explore the forest. Subject complied. Audio feed picked up the sound of rushing water. When subject was nearing the source of the noise, movement was recorded in the treeline to the subject's right. Subject immediately became non-compliant and retreated back to the cabin and Site-16. Subject has been sent back to cell.
Green A standard metal door with an "Employees Only" sign attached to the front. Subject found themself in a seemingly deserted shopping mall. All stores appeared closed and the view inside of them was obscured. Examples of these stores include: A pet store that seemed to exclusively carry reptiles,2 an entire sewer system, and an exact replica of the Center for Disease Control Headquarters.
Blue A section of the wall transformed into a 2x1 m rectangle composed of ice. Pushing against it caused it to open in a manner similar to a door. See Exploration Log 3910-09
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