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Item #: SCP-3901

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any accounts that fit the description of an encounter with SCP-3901 are to be investigated by field agents immediately. Civilians targeted by SCP-3901 will need to be debriefed, undergo Procedure Zara-22, and be amnestitized before being released. Capture of SCP-3901 using standard anti-intangant acquisition methods is Priority-Delta. SCP-3901 has yet to be recorded on digital video or photographed, but its voice has been captured on audio during observations.

Research Outpost-3901 is to be situated near proximity of SCP-3901's grave site under the guise of an isolated family farmhouse. Continuous seismic and audio monitoring of SCP-3901's grave site is required until permanent containment is possible. Any new bodies detected underground at the site will need to be exhumed from SCP-3901's coffin.

Description: Based on eyewitness accounts, SCP-3901 is an entity that takes on the appearance of a mummified human female corpse with long hair and wearing only a men's dress shirt. It is theorized that SCP-3901 is sapient but frequently suffers from acute memory loss based on its behavior.

SCP-3901 displays a selection process of targeting single male individuals who regularly sleep alone. SCP-3901 will then regularly manifest within the bedroom and enter the target's bed. Once in the bed, SCP-3901 will typically lay in a supine position or a fetal position facing the target, in some cases embracing the target from behind in a seemingly affectionate manner. SCP-3901 always exercises caution in not waking the target, but has been reported to touch the target's face gently in rare instances. SCP-3901 will usually vanish once the target wakes.

The purpose of this behavior is largely unknown, but has generally not resulted in hostility towards the target unless SCP-3901 reacts extremely negatively toward Procedure Zara-22. Typically, this behavior will continue for about a month before SCP-3901 begins to actively communicate with the target. Most of these conversations tend to be one-sided, with any responses towards SCP-3901 being seemingly ignored. Below are a few selected responses from SCP-3901 that were recorded during observation sessions conducted by field researchers.


"What are… you thinking?"

"Do you think of us; of me?"

"I have never felt this way."

"I was so lonely… so cold… but you are warm next to me."

"I can stay here forever."

"I'm scared to lose this; are you scared too?"

"Come closer."


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