Item#: 3892
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3892 is to be kept in a standard Safe-class containment locker.

Description: SCP-3892 is a child's blanket, colored black and red and patterned with cartoon skulls. Fiber analysis has revealed SCP-3892 to be made of a non-anomalous cotton-polyester blend.

SCP-3892's anomalous properties manifest when it is worn by a sleeping child of age 10 or under. Once the subject has reached N1 (earliest) stage sleep, SCP-3892-01 will manifest within 10 meters of SCP-3892 (typically within a closet or hallway in domestic trials).

SCP-3892-01 is a large (approx. 2.3 meters tall) skeletal humanoid figure, dressed in a spiked leather jacket, torn denim trousers, and black motorcycle boots. SCP-3892-01's eye sockets contain yellow lights, and luminous smoke can be seen issuing from its mouth and ribcage.

Upon manifesting, SCP-3892-01 will silently approach the target. The air temperature within a 10-meter radius will warm to approximately 27° C.

SCP-3892-01 will then tuck the subject into bed, whisper “Good night, (name)"1, gently kiss the subject on the head, then demanifest.

SCP-3892-01 has neither harmed nor awakened any children during testing trials, and instantly demanifests if approached or interrupted.

Addendum 3892-01: On 10 May 2018, SCP-3892-01 looked directly into a testing chamber camera after kissing the subject, growled, and said, "I know where you sleep." SCP-3892-01 then loudly cracked each of its knuckles and demanifested as normal.

SCP-3892-01 has not responded to any attempt at communication by Foundation personnel before or since this event. The significance of this is unknown.

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