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Item #: SCP-3890

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Myself and Tony are to remain within our current shelter at all times. We have agreed on a password system to confirm our identities to each other. We are to sleep in shifts and watch for the mimic at all times.

Description: The crying was a child, Tony, ten years old. Not the mimic. The mimic can't speak. It just attacks silently.

According to Tony, he was walking home from the playground when he was transported here. It's a similar story to mine. Is there some connection with travelling and being taken to this place, or is that part just a coincidence? Perhaps the mimic somehow changes our destination to this place en route. Metaphysically, I mean.

I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. Or maybe I do, and I forgot.

Tony is asleep right now. We've barely spoken - of course, the kid is traumatized - but I almost forgot how it feels not to be alone. Not to be hunted. Well, we're still being hunted, of course, but now we're being hunted together. Now it can get us both Now we can watch for it together. Our chances of survival have doubled.

Survival isn't the thing we're fighting for, of course. The mimic doesn't want to kill us, just empty out our heads. I don't even know if people age here. How long have the other people, the wandering ones, been here? Years? Decades? Centuries? I should have examined them more closely before hiding myself away in some bank. I'm a doctor, for god's sake, even if I can't remember all my training.

My name is Doctor Elizabeth Graham. My name is Doctor Elizabeth Graham. My name is Doctor Elizabeth Graham.

I have this memory from my childhood, still. Everything around it is gone, but it's sort of floating free, devoid of context. I'm visiting a woman in a hospital, I think it's a hospital, and I think it's a woman I know. A close relative? My mother or my grandmother, I think. And I go to visit her, I'm just a kid, twelve I think, and she doesn't know who I am. At all. I don't remember what happened before that or after.

I do remember thinking that that was the worst thing in the world.

Was that why it brought me here, the mimic? Because it knew this would be something I'd hate the most? I know it must be intelligent, but is it sadistic as well?

I'll ask Tony tomorrow if he has a similar memory. Then, hopefully, I'll be a little closer to working out the rules of this place. Whatever's going on here, I'm going to beat it. If you're reading this, you fucker, I'm going to beat you.

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