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Item #: SCP-3890-2

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to my current circumstances, containment of SCP-3890-2 is not possible. I must be cautious at all times and watch for the presence of SCP-3890-2. At the first sign that something I am approaching is not as it appears, I will retreat from the area immediately.

Description: SCP-3890-2 is a living entity of varying shape and size which resides in SCP-3890. I am uncertain as to whether SCP-3890-2 originates here or if it was transported here at some point in the same way I was. From what I have observed of its behaviour, it appears to be some form of predator.

SCP-3890-2 is currently hunting me.

I first encountered the entity shortly after writing down my initial observations of SCP-3890. It snuck up behind me while I was resting and got me while I wasn't paying attention. I was knocked unconscious by its attack and woke up several hours later, during the night. It has attacked me several times since that first encounter, with several hours between each attack.

SCP-3890-2 has the ability to, as far as I can tell, mimic any object. So far, I've seen it disguise itself as:

  • A specimen of SCP-3890-1.
  • A piece of loose documentation.
  • A star in the sky.
  • A building on the horizon.
  • A fly.
  • A patch of dirt on my leg.

Right now I cannot be sure whether SCP-3890-2 is simply fooling my brain into perceiving it as these things or whether it does actually become them.

Once I approach the thing SCP-3890-2 is mimicking, it, for lack of a better word, 'unfolds' before striking at me. Its true form is difficult to describe, as it is constantly shifting and warping in on itself. The closest thing I can describe it as is black origami, folding and unfolding, stretching and compressing.

SCP-3890-2 uses amnesticization as a form of attack. While it has not injured me physically thus far, I have lost all memory of significant chunks of my childhood and early adulthood. I can no longer recall which high school I went to, or what my first job was. My current hypothesis is that, as an entity, it feeds upon memory.

The specimens of SCP-3890-1 are people who were brought here in the past. They fell victim to SCP-3890-2 and lost all memory. With what I've seen here, this is the only conclusion I can reach.

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