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General Notice: The contents of the following file are provisional and liable to change significantly throughout the development of current events. -[REDACTED]

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Item #: SCP-3888

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Research into the precise nature of SCP-3888, its root cause, and the potential to recover affected personnel or civilians is ongoing. All personnel are encouraged to submit any information they believe may be pertinent to SCP-3888 to the SCP-3888 crisis research committee. Foundation AI projects are currently authorized to identify and collect such information from civilian sources. Until further notice, Foundation personnel missing for unknown reasons and spikes in civilian disappearances beyond projected statistics are to be considered caused by the action of SCP-3888 unless proven otherwise.

Law enforcement agencies have categorized most civilians affected by SCP-3888 as missing persons. The activities of such law enforcement agencies are to be monitored with heightened priority, but no further action against them is believed to be necessary or an efficient use of resources at this time. Civilian sources found attempting to link known disappearances to a single cause are to be considered targets for suppression on a case-by-case basis.

The complete list of affected Foundation personnel is contained in Document 3888-A, and can be accessed by personnel with Level 2 clearance, while the complete list of all known or suspected victims can be accessed by personnel with Level 3/3888 clearance in Document 3888-B. Complete evidence logs can be accessed by personnel with Level 3/3888 clearance via Documents 3888-C and 3888-D, and the original copies of evidence may be accessed by personnel with 3888 clearance. Current hypotheses as to the nature of SCP-3888 and possible future countermeasures can be accessed by personnel with 3888 clearance in Document 3888-E.

Description: SCP-3888 is the theoretical unified origin of a series of anomalous phenomena related to the recent disappearance of 54 Foundation personnel and an estimate of at least [REDACTED]1 civilians, with no direct, human eyewitnesses.

Collected evidence suggests that most, if not all, affected persons disappeared between 22:00 and 23:00 (local time in known cases) on 03/01/2017. Initially, multiple disappearances noticed on Foundation security footage and intercepted from civilian sources were reported as Potential Extranormal Events. However, early assessments of material recovered from the quarters of Dr. Brook, Dr. Lem, and the former O5-█ suggested the possibility that some persons affected by SCP-3888 events were aware of the imminent nature of their disappearances, and of a possible root cause. While the exact nature of SCP-3888 or such a root cause is not understood from current research, the disappearances received a collective SCP classification in light of their widespread nature and further evidence indicating that many victims had prior awareness (refer to Addendum 1).

Circumstantial evidence and recovered video footage of SCP-3888 events suggests that most objects carried by affected persons, including clothing, disappeared at the same time as the affected persons. Recovered video footage of SCP-3888 events sometimes display evidence of tampering2, but the cause of this is unknown and believed at present to be anomalous rather than mundane. Video footage also demonstrates differing modes of disappearance between affected persons, some simply disappearing between recorded frames while others are subject to possible anomalous phenomenon which remove them from observation (refer to Addendum 1).

Signs of a struggle are sometimes present at locations in which persons seem to have disappeared or in portions of recovered video footage. While evaluation is ongoing, this seems to have occurred in relatively few cases. Furthermore, it is currently believed probable that affected persons with any prior awareness of the SCP-3888 event and/or its cause were unwilling or unable to inform their friends and coworkers about SCP-3888 in any capacity. The reason for this is unknown.

Addendum 1 - Recovered Media and Evidence of SCP-3888 Event: Below is a partial list of evidence compiled from Documents 3888-C and 3888-D regarding the SCP-3888 event and its aftermath, consisting primarily of Foundation sources. Additional representative data from civilian disappearances is pending review of further civilian sources.

Video Log Transcript: Footage obtained from security camera at Westminster Underground Station, London, taken 03/01/2017, recovered by ██████.███. On-duty security guards were apprehended and amnesticized.

<Begin Log>

22:47:33: Civilian identified as Caroline ██████ enters station. No other persons are present.

22:47:51: Video feed is affected for five seconds by distortions similar to compression artifacts.

22:48:06: ██████ quickly looks up and glances around the station, apparently startled, and backs up against a nearby wall.

22:48:13: ██████ appears to "fall" diagonally through the adjacent wall and station platform.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Footage corroborated later by records obtained from additional security cameras.

Interviewed: Dr. Emmett Bell

Interviewer: Dr. Simon Hayes

Foreword: Excerpt from a routine psychological evaluation of Dr. Bell following the disappearance of Research Assistant Julian Abram during the SCP-3888 event.

<Begin Partial Log>

Dr. Hayes: Back up a little. You mentioned that Abram complained about nightmares?

Dr. Bell: I, uh, shouldn't really have put it that way I guess. He just mentioned it once, before we were dissecting the brain of SCP-███, but that was only a couple of days before. [pause]

Dr. Hayes: Go on.

Dr. Bell: He didn't say much about it. More like an, um, impression than anything vivid. Something had just reminded him of a feeling from the dream though. [pause] Just before I came in the room I think. Something about how quiet it was.

Dr. Hayes: He didn't describe anything further? Nothing about why the dream was relevant, why he mentioned it?

Dr. Bell: I honestly don't know. [pause] Uh, I didn't really ask him anything else about it. Certainly didn't seem as important as preparing the cadaver at the time; we had to get started before cell death was complete.

Dr. Hayes: But Abram seemed upset, didn't he?

Dr. Bell: Uncomfortable. Figured it was a natural thing for him, not really our problem.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Research Assistant ███ has taken on the role of Abram in Dr. Bell's work. Dr. Bell seems to have suffered relatively minimal psychological disturbance following the disappearance of Abram.

E-mail recovered by ██████.███.██, sent from Roger ███████ to David ██████ at 20:55 on 03/01/2017. Roger ███████ was reported missing on 03/07/2017.

Subject: Next week's meeting

Hi Dave,

Apologies about the row today; it won't happen again. I actually should be ready for our conference with ████████, I'll just need to devote a bit more time to the presentation. Might do that from home instead of the office if that'd still be helpful to you. I don't think that I'll be able to get into the city tomorrow.


Interviewed: Dr. Adeline Renaud

Interviewer: Agent ████ ██████

Foreword: Excerpt from an interview of Dr. Renaud by her request, involving information pertinent to the disappearance of Dr. Arthur Brook.

<Begin Partial Log>

Agent ██████: So, uh, when did you last see Dr. Brook?

Dr. Renaud: It was on March first, but before it all happened. This was just after reviewing the new transmission intercepted by the ███████ █████ around SCP-████; I was getting lunch and he was sitting with ████ and me in the canteen. He… [pause] he had a piece of paper with him. Folded in his pocket, but he was taking it out and glancing it over every so often. Sometimes muttering a bit to himself, not loud enough for me to hear. Thought it was a bit odd at the time because I couldn't immediately see any writing on the page.

Agent ██████: "Immediately?"

Dr. Renaud: Yeah, he set it down for a few seconds at one point. There was just one sentence typed in the middle of the page, rather large font. I remember it said "How are you feeling today?"

Agent ██████: Lemme guess. You didn't ask him what it meant.

Dr. Renaud: Well, no. I thought it seemed personal; I didn't want him to think I was prying.

Agent ██████: Dr. Renaud, do you personally know of anyone whom he would have received that sort of message from? Anyone he confided in?

Dr. Renaud: [pause] No, I don't think I do. Should I?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: A folded piece of paper with the phrase "Not much longer." typed in the center of it was recovered from Dr. Brook's quarters following his disappearance. Dr. Brook's bookcase was overturned. The paper is currently stored as evidence, alongside Dr. Brook's journal, and displays no known anomalous properties.

Final entry of Dr. Isaac Lem's journal, recovered from his quarters 03/02/2017

03/01/2017 - We've still been trying to figure out some way to mitigate the number of civilians being affected by SCP-████, but none of our attempts at telepathic shielding, not even [REDACTED]. There's actually a motion to vote on testing the █████ amnestic with groups of D-Class and assessing the effects before moving onto [REDACTED] gets too much worse. More wool with which to cover our eyes and plug our ears. Can't say that's not what the Foundation's always been selling. Won't be something I have to deal with at least. Not when I finally have a choice.


Video Log Transcript: Footage observed from security camera in Site-77, Medical Wing, Room 33 on 03/01/2017. Researcher Ross Liao is the room's current inpatient, undergoing treatment for chemical burns inflicted by SCP-████.

<Begin Log>

22:55:19: Dr. █████ dims lights and exits room. Liao remains in a supine position with his eyes closed.

22:56:13: Liao turns his head slightly and opens his eyes, then appears to speak for the next 24 seconds.3

22:56:38: Liao returns to a supine position and closes his eyes, appearing contended.

22:57:04: Liao begins to vanish over the course of 8 seconds, during which he becomes continuously more transparent to visible and IR wavelengths until he seems no longer present. The bed sheet formerly covering his body collapses after this point.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Medical equipment, including the cannula which had been inserted into Liao's cephalic vein, remained in the room following his disappearance. Traces of Liao's cerebrospinal fluid were detected on the bed's pillow. The reason for this is currently unknown.

Thought I'd come and talk more. I've missed listening to you.

Interviewed: Dr. Giles Blanc

Interviewer: Agent ██████ █████

Foreword: Excerpt from an interview of Dr. Blanc by his request, involving information pertinent to the disappearance of Junior Researcher Monika Rubin.

<Begin Partial Log>

Agent █████: Well, where did you think that Rubin had gone off to?

Dr. Blanc: Hell if I know. I was already up to my ears with the fallout from [REDACTED]; you know how difficult it is to make sure the right half of a department forgets they'd just listened [REDACTED].

Agent █████: [REDACTED]. Please, back to Rubin.

Dr. Blanc: Right, right. [pause] She didn't show up the day after all that; I figured she was probably taking a day off, though she hadn't been one of the infected as far as we knew. Might've considered reprimanding her if she'd come to see me the next day, but when she still wasn't showing up, and after the news about SCP-3888 finally poured in, I gave you notification. And then we found that… [pause] drawing she'd made in her notes.

Agent █████: Of course. But following the event, why weren't you keeping tabs on her?

Dr. Blanc: [pause] Maybe I should've. I was busy making sure everyone else was fine.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Blanc has received an official reprimand for failing to exhibit responsibility for his staff. Scans of the last several pages of Junior Researcher Rubin's notes have been added to Document 3888-C.

Thanks :)
I'm glad we can still have time together like this. It's like we're the only ones who can really understand each other.

How have things been in the laboratory lately?

Video Log Transcript: Footage observed from security camera in Site-81, C Wing, Lab 56 on 03/01/2017

<Begin Log>

22:08:23: Dr. Gabriel Langley enters room and sits down near the main lab bench. He produces his lab notebook and begins to read from it.

22:09:13: Researcher █████████, the only other person present, exits room. Dr. Langley immediately closes his notebook and begins to stare unresponsively at the benchtop.

22:14:47: Dr. Langley begins to rest his head on his hands.

22:15:35: Dr. Langley stands up and turns leftward, starting to smile.

22:15:41: Dr. Langley vanishes between recorded frames.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Langley's lab notebook was recovered. All pages had been rendered blank by unknown means. Researcher █████████ has been questioned and was found ignorant of the anomalous occurrences.

Hey, it's okay to cry.

It's okay.

I know how hard it must be.
You shouldn't feel that you have to blame yourself.

Video Log Transcript: Footage observed from Camera 2 of Site-19's Euclid Wing, Hallway 12, on 03/01/2017

<Begin Log>

22:28:56: Dr. Philip Orellana enters the camera's right field of view and is observed walking through the hallway.

22:29:11: Dr. Orellana exits the camera's left field of view.

22:30:20: Dr. Orellana enters the camera's right field of view, initially appearing to act in a visually identical manner to his previous appearance. However, an open wound is now located above his left eye.

22:30:24: Dr. Orellana abruptly flinches and covers his ears with both hands, no longer walking. He appears confused and examines his surroundings while moving the fingers of his left hand over the wound.

22:30:35: Dr. Orellana removes his hands from his head and begins running in place. Footage begins to become affected by corrupted pixels at irregular intervals.

22:31:57: Dr. Orellana stumbles, regains his footing, then continues to run in place.

22:32:44: Dr. Orellana begins running forward and exits the camera's left field of view.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Orellana was not recorded leaving his quarters after having been seen entering them at 21:58:49. Dr. Orellana was not recorded on Camera 1 or 3 of Hallway 12 despite the positions of the camera feeds, and was not recorded on any cameras located in adjacent rooms or hallways.

But no matter who ignores you, I'll always be here to listen.

I'll find you no matter how lost you become :)

Video Log Transcript: Footage observed from security camera at [REDACTED]. Security Officers ███, █████████, and Federica Salucci respond to a containment breach of SCP-███.

<Begin Log>

22:18:56: SCP-███ enters room. ███, █████████, and Salucci open fire.

22:19:05: █████████ is attacked.

22:19:13: █████████ declared KIA.

22:19:24: ███ retreats to adjacent room as SCP-███ continues assault.

22:19:27: Salucci ceases fire, then lays her weapon down at her feet.

22:19:31: Salucci vanishes between recorded frames.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-███ temporarily ceased aggressive action after the disappearance of Salucci. Successfully recontained. █ total casualties. Post-Incident Review determined that ███ had not witnessed the recorded scene during his retreat.

I'm sorry.
I hope I'm not just making this worse…

Yet I think I still understand. And I think that I can help you.

You know that it doesn't have to be like this forever.
You won't have to be hurt by them anymore.

Final entry of Junior Researcher Rosalind Taylor's journal, recovered from her quarters 03/02/2017

February 27th,

Spent most of the day gathering up [REDACTED] and completing the NMR analysis. I'm not sure what Dr. ████ is expecting. It's never consistent, and no matter how much data we have it's not like any enriched substance that ignores reality that much is going to start being on the periodic table. These things are anomalies, and such conventional tools just don't seem to apply to this one. The higher-ups know that. That's probably why they've got me doing the grunt-work right now.
Maybe I'm just being defeatist. I've only just been realizing just how much technology has been realized thanks to these things. Wish I could work on the Reality Stabilizers myself. I doubt that'll ever be my specialty though. And not even those work against most of what's locked up on this site alone.
And the real outside world won't get to see any of this.
I'll keep plugging away at this project for now, but I've been feeling so empty lately. I'm tired but can never get myself to fall asleep. I'm still working alone and Dr. ████ barely talks to me. I eat alone in the canteen. The last time I've gotten a note from so much as a note was three days ago.
I don't know what to expect.

Wouldn't you like that?


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