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SCP-3887-A's bed under SCP-3887-B influence

Item #: SCP-3887

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3887-A is to be housed within a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17. A one-way mirror is to be positioned on the opposite side of the bed. At least two personnel should be stationed in the observation room at all times. SCP-3887-A must receive a vitamin integrator with its ordinary food intake due to minor health issues.

To maintain SCP-3887-A's mental health and ensure its cooperation, it has been allowed control of the lights inside its cell. In case of emergency, control of said lights can still be overridden by monitoring personnel in the observation room to limit or otherwise impair aggressive behavior from SCP-3887-B. SCP-3887-A must be supplied with new socks every three days.

Since containment, SCP-3887-A has made the following requests:

  • One computer with internet connection. (Denied.)
  • One computer with access to SCP-3887-A's old game gallery. (Approved, under the condition any updates are made off-site.)
  • A house cat. (Denied.)
  • A gaming controller. (Approved.)
  • Access to up-to-date entertainment media. (Approved.)
  • Access to on-site recreational areas. (Denied. SCP-3887-A is allowed access to the on-site gym for health issues once per week while accompanied by at least one Level 03 Personnel provided with a 320 Lux flashlight.)

Description: SCP-3887-A is a 24 year old woman of European descent, formerly known as █████ ██████. SCP-3887-A was a resident of █████, Missouri. SCP-3887-A has been in complete cooperation with the Foundation after the events of Incident-3887-A-1.

SCP-3887-B is a humanoid entity 2.35 meters in height with skin that is greyish-green in color. It has two long horns growing from its forehead similar in form to an Oryx dammah (scimitar oryx), and long black hair growing from its head, neck and shoulder blades. SCP-3887-B's eyes have yellow sclera, with no visible pupil. SCP-3887-B's mouth hosts three rows of fangs, similar in shape and arrangement to the Carcharias taurus (bull shark). SCP-3887-B has elongated arms, forcing it to remain in a hunched posture and to move on all fours most of the time. It possesses a long hairless tail, similar to a Rattus norvegicus (common rat). SCP-3887-B possesses both male and female reproductive organs.

Testing has shown that any substance or material presented to SCP-3887 so far is able to be used as sustenance, but it has shown a clear predilection for SCP-3887-A's socks. SCP-3887-B was initially believe to be capable of manifesting through any dark area within a 5 meter radius around SCP-3887-A, favoring the bed; after further testing, it has been noted SCP-3887-B can always manifest under whatever item SCP-3887-A identifies as its bed, regardless of its distance from SCP-3887-A.

SCP-3887-B is extremely sensitive to light: its skin rapidly develops blisters and open wounds when exposed to levels of light above 20 Lux, forcing SCP-3887-B to flee and disappear into the closest dark area. The process through which it escapes is currently not understood, and is undergoing further study.

DNA analysis of SCP-3887-B's tissue samples have revealed that it shares genetic material with Homo sapiens, Oryx dammah, Carcharias taurus, Rattus norvegicus, Rhinella marina (cane toad), and an unidentified additional genetic component. SCP-3887-B's presence has been observed to disrupt and damage digital recording devices, with said interference worsening the more of SCP-3887-B is exposed. SCP-3887-B has shown aversion towards Foundation personnel, but has avoided any hostile actions to date so as to not upset SCP-3887-A.

SCP-3887-A has shown a strong emotional attachment to SCP-3887-B, and has often been observed acting in an affectionate manner with SCP-3887-B when they are alone.

Incident 3387-A-1: SCP-3887-A and SCP-3887-B were recovered the ██/█/2014 after the reported death of ██████ Robert, SCP-3887-A's partner at the time, during a party. Eye-witnesses stated that SCP-3887-A's date was humiliating SCP-3887-A in front of the guests and acting in a demeaning manner, as was reported to be characteristic of their relationship. SCP-3887-B manifested itself under a table, assaulting ██████, until SCP-3887-A's date had her limbs completely severed, after which SCP-3887-B demanifested. When the authorities arrived, SCP-3887-A was in a state of shock. (See interrogation log 3887-A-1 for further details.)

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