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Picture of H████ Y██████ (highlighted) circa 1931

Item #: SCP-3886

Object Class: Neutralized Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3886-01 is to be detained in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-102’s Low-Threat Humanoid Wing. To encourage compliance with Foundation staff, SCP-3886-01 may be granted requested reading and recreational items pending approval of Site administration. Under no circumstances outside of testing is SCP-3886-01 to be allowed access to SCP-3886 (which itself is to be kept in a locked storage box in Site-102’s Safe Object Wing). Testing may occur with oversight from at least one Level 3 personnel.

Should current containment procedures fail or SCP-3886-01 become uncooperative with Foundation interests, punitive measures, from restriction of privileges to termination of SCP-3886-01 are authorized given the assent of Site-102 administration and the current overseeing researcher.

Description: SCP-3886 is a leather English dressage saddle of early 20th century design. SCP-3886 is uniformly black in color, with no ornamentation save for silver clasps at the terminating ends of its girth and billets. Despite its current state of tarnish and moderate disrepair, SCP-3886 is seemingly impervious to all further forms of damage or alteration.

When first acquired by the Foundation in ██/██/2010, SCP-3886 was believed to be neutralized (with only Document-3886-01 certifying its prior abilities.) It has since been realized that such only represented a temporary 'passive' state, with containment procedures being updated accordingly.

An active state is achieved upon SCP-3886 making physical contact with a relative of French-American immigrant and equestrian carnival performer, ‘H████ Y██████’. Once this occurs, said relative (from here on labeled SCP-3886-011) is physically incapable of moving more than 1.6 kilometers from SCP-3886 and may engage SCP-3886's active effect, as follows:

If the active SCP-3886 is attached to a recently deceased body2 of a sufficiently sized animal3, the animal (now termed SCP-3886-02) will animate and seek out SCP-3886-01. Upon reaching SCP-3886-01, this SCP-3886-02 will attempt to interact with the subject in a variety of playful and theatrical manners and will obey all commands of SCP-3886-01, verbal and otherwise, to the best of its ability. Certain elements of this link (including SCP-3886-01 claiming to be able to ‘see’ the containment chamber in which the current instance of SCP-3886-02 was stored) are not entirely understood.

In its active state, living horses (Equus caballus) react with panic upon becoming aware of SCP-3886's presence.

Addendum-3886-A: After intensive psychological screenings, it has been determined that SCP-3886-01's prior personality and Foundation loyalty remains intact. Special Containment Procedures revised.

Addendum-3886-B: Recovery: SCP-3886 was intercepted by embedded Foundation agents
on ██/██/2010 after being sold to a subsidiary of Marshall, Carter and Dark by an unknown beneficiary. Included was Document-3886-01, the personal journal of one H████ Y██████ (believed to have owned SCP-3886 before its anomalous attributes became apparent).

Document-3886-01 Excerpt
July 14, 1932, The Personal Journal of H████ Y██████ (translated from the original French)

“Another day, another performance. Today we stopped at Cincinnati. It's a beautiful city I think. The kind of city where I could see myself quietly spending the rest of my days with my family had I the choice. Streetcars zoom along the clear roads, everyone walks about to work as if half the world wasn't starving or begging for scrap. Hell, for the first time in months we had a full booking.

I wish I could be happy about that.

Mr. Sherwood spoke to me in private yesterday and it's been all I have been able to think of since. He said my 'loyalty' to the Barnum & Bailey Circus warranted a prior warning, but apparently, once we reach Louisville tomorrow, I will be ‘let go.’

According to him, horse-acts aren't good enough anymore. I am 'just not earning' my 'keep.' And after all I have done for this circus…

Even now, I just want to punch that two-faced, son-of-a-bitch right in the nose. It wouldn't help. He'd probably have me arrested. But God it would feel good.

As if that was not bad enough, I received a letter today from Mary that our dear Jezebel has taken a fever. The doctor did all he could, but even he could not say if she would make it through. The thought that my baby girl might even now be in the Father’s arms gives me the chills.

One last thing before I say my prayers. A man approached me after the show today. His face was all lopsided, upside down, some accident he said. He claimed he was a representative of a rival circus, a talent scout. And… well, he offered me a job. He didn't seem all that happy about it, said an ‘opening had been made,’ but still, I do not have many other options. I couldn't give him my decision then, however I think I will take him up on his offer if it still stands. He gave me an address to reach him should I change my mind.

I need to get some sleep. Till tomorrow then.

-H████ Y██████"

(According to a local newspaper, H████ Y██████ disappeared three days after the writing of this entry, along with his characteristic saddle (believed to be SCP-3886). The man's body was never found and no search of notable measure was undertaken.)

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